OSHA’s Guidelines against the Protection of the Bloodborne Pathogens – Infographic

Bloodborne pathogens

The given Infographic delineates the tips and guidelines for the protection of the workers against the Bloodborne pathogens. These are infectious microorganism that can cause life-threatening diseases among the humans. Therefore, it is the responsibility of employers to follow the standards laid down by OSHA to protect the workers who can potentially come in contact with such pathogens present in the blood.

The guidelines accentuate the requirement for providing the PPE, personal protection equipment to the workers. The equipment such as gloves, masks, medical gown and eye protection can safeguard the responders, nurses and basic life providers. The employers must make sure that these protection equipment are cleaned on a regular basis. The cost of repairing, maintaining and cleaning PPEs solely accentuates with the employer and not with the workers in any case.

The workers have the right to get informed about the pathogens and to get trained to protect themselves from the associated dangers. A regular training including methods to check occupational exposure, to follow post-exposure procedures, to vaccinate for Hepatitis B and medical evaluation has to be provided in a specialized and educated manner to workers in the language of their understanding.

Please know more about the Bloodborne pathogens standards by going through the Infographic.

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