What is page authority and how Alexa rank works In SEO Terms.


Page authority of a website reveals how good one specific page in search engines results will be. Page authority is also developed by Moz, and scores a specific page number of 1 to 100, with higher scores of a page mentioning the specific page good ranking in search engines results. There are dozens of factors which calculates the page authority, including Link counts, MozRank, MozTrust, and many others.


Like domain authority shows the performance and ranking of an entire website, page authority show the performance and links to that specific web page and it could be calculated with page authority checker tool.

How to increase page authority?

Ranking and influencing a page to increase the metrics directly is not easy.

There are dozens of the other factors which are taken into counts to rank a page by Moz, the best will be to increase the link profile to that specific page.

If you are working in competition and want to outrank someone on a specific keyword, one should produce some backlinks for that one page instead of creating backlinks for domains.

As I mentioned page authority is calculated and measured by Moz depending on many factors, there will be fluctuations from ranking, which will be unknown.

Just creating a good amount of backlinks for a page does not work for you, every single point weighs in to increase or decrease the page authority. So, overall SEO of the page is not going to waste, first thing surely will be content.

After that try to give the social signal, try to make the page viral on social media, and then create some powerful backlinks. Surely, page authority will increase, and the keyword will also perform well on search engines.

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 Is Alexa rank has any importance in SEO?

Yes, it is important and is a factor for the SEO ranking. Basically, this is just a test for your end to know where your website lands globally and locally in the specified category. This is very important to know your rank among all the competitors with the same category websites.


Our tool will let you know where you are standing overall in the world. So, you will know what to improve to take it even higher or a peace of mind that you are doing good.

Global Rank means where your site is standing in the whole world wide web and every website in the world in particular categories and Local Rank means your site’s ranking in the country where you are outstanding all of your competitors from the same categories. For example, if your site is about tech and gadgets, then it will identify your rank in that class and show you where you stand.

Alexa Rank is calculated with Bulk Alexa Rank Checker tool on various factors and metrics which provide vital information and return the results with your rank.  It sees a total number of people who are using your web site and visiting it, Bounce rate is the 2nd most important one. It sees how much time users are spending on your web page and leave it to some other place. Plus how often your sites get visitors or visits.

Use of this tool is very easy and quick. The best thing about this tool is that it can check the Alexa rank of not just one, not two, not three but 10 URLs at the same time in a very short period of time. Like a couple of seconds, and you will get your accurate results out. In alexa.com, you can perform a test on like one URL of a website plus you might have to go through captchas. Our tool will not even ask for anything, No charges, no registration, no captchas or timers. Simply paste and click to get results about your ranking. Make sure to paste the URLs on which you are sure about the health and know they are hundred percent working.

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