learning Django

Is it worth learning Django?

Is it worth learning Django? Python’s most popular web framework has a bright future ahead of it. Learn more here. Django: one of the most popular solutions on the market…

Digital Addiction

Digital Addiction: Are You Suffering?

Look around you now and you’ll undoubtedly see someone on their smartphone, unless you are on your own. But even then, you may actually be reading this via your device….

How To Get Sticky Stains Out Of Your Kitchen

How To Get Sticky Stains Out Of Your Kitchen

Image Source: shutterstock.com There’s nothing worse in the kitchen than encountering sticky stains you just can’t seem to remove. Sometimes, disinfectant wipes aren’t enough, and using more abrasive cleaners can…

A Banking Explainer Video

A Banking Explainer Video: What You Need to Know

Image Credit: wikimedia.org An explainer video about banking is a video that provides a concise and clear explanation of how banking works. It could cover a wide range of topics…

boost your engineering career

How to boost your engineering career by learning the art of management

In the US, there are a number of industries and job roles that are predicted to grow exponentially over the next decade or so. There is a growing need for…

Emergency management

Emergency management: why it’s needed and what it takes

For most of us, pandemics aside, the closest that we will get to a major disaster or public emergency situation is seeing it on the news. We shake our heads…

corporate taxation

What is corporate taxation? What are the different types?

Both local and foreign businesses are subject to corporate taxes under the Income Tax Act of 1961. Through this act, the Indian government requires domestic companies to pay corporation taxes…

Absolute Markets

Get the Best Brokerage Service with Absolute Markets in 2022

Absolute Market is one of the biggest brokerage service providers since 2021. This company is registered by the Financial Services Authority of St. Vincent. One can trade with multiple forex…

How to Optimize Product Images for SEO

How to Optimize Product Images for SEO – 5 Things You Must Remember

Image Credit: flickr.com Image optimization is an online art you might want to master if you are an e-commerce store owner. Image optimizations perform a critical task by generating web…

Business Intelligence Dashboards

5 Benefits of Using Business Intelligence Dashboards

Running a business requires data. Without accurate information, it’s impossible to make all the little day-to-day decisions that keep your business afloat. Enter business intelligence (BI) dashboards. They give you…

entering developer professional life

Top 5 tips for entering developer professional life

Image Credit: thecrazyprogrammer.com Top recommendations for novice developers The IT industry is growing and thriving. An ever-growing diversity attracts people of all backgrounds who want to try their luck in…

Fishing Boat Summer Toys

5 Summer Toys to Start Saving Up For Now

The leaves may be turning colors and the days are clearly getting shorter, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still talk about summer fun! In fact, the fall and early…