How to Pick the Right Flower Bouquet for Each Occasion

Flower Bouquet

Each flower bouquet has its own unique look through which comes its own personality. Each bouquet also sends a specific message to the recipient based on the flower type, color and overall appearance. Because of the massive variety of flowers out there and the fact that each bouquet is vastly different than another, it’s important that you choose the right bouquet to send for the special occasion. You don’t want to be communicating the wrong message through your flower selections. This guide will help you pick the right flower bouquet that will perfectly convey your feelings.

Flower Bouquet

‘I love You’ flowers

This one’s a no brainer because everyone knows that red flowers and specifically red roses are a classic sign of love and romance so it’s a safe option with a straightforward message if you want to let someone know about your romantic feelings or would like to rekindle the spark of an old love. Red roses are perfect for all romantic occasions such as valentine’s day, anniversaries or even just because! If you’re feeling a little creative, other romantic flowers include red tulips and red carnations.


Friendship flowers

For some reason, the color yellow caught on as the friendship color. It makes sense though, the right friend will bring us joy, happiness and will bright up our day, which are all descriptive of the color yellow. If you’re gifting a bouquet of flowers to your best friend, send them a bouquet of yellow roses or yellow carnation mixed with other neutral colored flowers or based on their preference.

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Formal flowers

Formal events like weddings, funerals and even business events often have a certain vibe to them. They’re elegant, classy and calm, much like white lilies, which are pervasive in such events. White lilies are neutral, graceful and just perfect as they’re a safe option that’s a treat to the eye.


‘Get well soon’ flowers

Sending flowers to a sick person is customary nowadays, but it’s important that you send the right type of flowers. The person often needs some cheering up and positive vibes, which can be done by choosing a bright, colorful bouquet; daises are a great option due to their joyful nature. Another good option is peonies, which signify healing and also come in various colors. However, make sure that the bouquet is not too overpowering when it comes to colors and smells as you don’t want to overwhelm the recipient.


You’re Beautiful

The best way to tell someone they’re beautiful just the way they are is by sending them a bouquet of a flower that describes characteristics of their personality. If they have a sunny smile, send them a bouquet of sunflowers. If they’re elegant and proud send them a bouquet of beautiful orchids and so on! They’re going to love it.


Happy Mother’s Day

It’s one of the most important days of the year because all mothers out there deserve the world and one day is simply not enough. Carnations are the official mother’s day flowers with their many purple, red and pink shades, they signify mother’s love and warmth. However, don’t feel like you can get creative and experiment with other flower options. Flowers like tulips, roses and daisies are all perfectly acceptable. Better yet? Send her a bouquet of her favorite flowers and her favorite scents. She’ll definitely feel appreciated.

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