Productive Ways to Start Your Day

Productive Ways to Start Your Day

The way in which we start our day influences to quite an extent how the day is going to turn out to be. Failure to set and maintain the right tone before stepping into the office can make us lose momentum quickly.

By following a good routine one can literally make everyday count instead of having their hope pinned onto the weekend to make themselves better. For this one must first understand that AM hours are quite precious and that they must be exploited to our complete advantage.

Whether you wake up with the brainpower of a zombie or naturally wake up feeling productive and alert following are 20 productive ways to begin your day that should help you to transform your morning routine and also the whole day.

Following are some productive ways to begin your day:

Stay in bed a little longer

It may sound like a contradiction but it is quite a productive way to start your day. To have a much easier morning you can try allowing yourself to slowly adjust to the reality of having to get out of bed.

For many of us, the most difficult part about waking up is simply getting out of bed. So, do not feel guilty about wanting to remain under the covers for some more time before you can get started.

Keeping the blinds open

A natural way to wake up your body is to allow sunlight to greet you. Instead of hiding from it one must embrace it. Keeping the blinds open makes the night-to-morning transition much easier.

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Going from pitch-black darkness to bright light can hurt your eyes especially if the first thing you look at in the morning is your mobile or computer screen. In a way, one can make the act of waking up in the morning more bearable by simply keeping the blinds open.


Most people ignore it but it is the most obvious productive way to begin our day. Our body has been asleep for many hours and so it would be against the laws of physics to expect it to be warmed up, energised and ready to go right away.

You can stretch your body while still being in bed by stretching your arms and legs out overhead. You can also step out of the bed, stand up and stretch for better results!


If stretching can be a productive thing to do, imagine how good you will feel if you exercise. It improves the level of energy and self-control that you experience throughout the day.

Giving your body movement for as little as ten minutes in a day releases neurotransmitters that make your brain feel in control of your impulses and soothed.

Avoid Digital Screens

A frantic way to start your day is to dive straight into texts, e-mails and Facebook, your morning succumbs to the wants and needs of others and consequently, you lose focus.

The first few moments of the day are quite precious and they must be used to do something that is relaxing, as it sets a positive, calm tone for the day.

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Have a good Meal

Our metabolism is quite active in the morning. Those who have breakfast are less likely to be obese. They have stable blood-sugar levels and get fewer hunger pangs in the day. Having a good meal in the morning improves your short-term memory, gives you energy and helps you to concentrate intensely.

Listen to Music

There is hardly a better way to give your mind the much-needed stimulation than to listen to music. Pack your favourite tunes into a playlist and get your spirits up. By doing this every day you can increase your productivity and also your creativity levels.

Watch Cartoons

Simply because we mention cartoons, you shouldn’t double check the title to make sure it isn’t ‘productive ways for children to start their day’. Starting your day by watching your favourite cartoon and having a hearty laugh can put you in a completely different mood throughout the day.

A healthy dose of childhood nostalgia can boost your creativity and also increase your imaginative capabilities.

One must decide for themselves which is the right way to get started. Once you have mastered the art of starting your day on a productive note, you should find out more about how you can stay motivated throughout the day.

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