Proper Cleaning and No Jumping: 5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Kid’s Mattress Life

With the amount of time, we spend in our beds, taking good care of our and our kids’  mattresses seems quite obvious. Still, not all of us do it properly. Most people expect mattresses for their children to have a long and healthy life, especially because they are one of the larger purchases for most families. It certainly is an important investment, knowing how vital sleep is for children. In addition, a good mattress should encourage a healthy posture and, of course, provide a calm night’s rest. But a bed can only support your child if you take care of it. Here are five easy ways how to improve its longevity.

Use A Mattress Protector

Accidents can happen, especially with kids. Therefore it is always best to be safe than sorry and use a mattress protector. It is actually one of the easiest ways how to make your bed last longer. A good, high-quality mattress protector can reduce the risks of having dust or any kind of dirt getting into your bed. Of course, it also helps with the worry of spills. During sleep, our skin releases all sorts of oils and sweat. This is also true for children. A mattress protector can solve this issue too. If your baby is struggling with allergies, this might also be a solution as it can reduce the amount of mold and dust mites. 

Some people have had a bad experience with mattress protectors. There is a high chance your grandmother used one in your childhood, and it made you all sweaty and uncomfortable. But, since then, a lot of changes have happened. Thanks to technologies and innovations in the manufacturing process, newer types feel just as good as a fitted sheet. In fact, they can make your and your child’s bedtime routine a lot more comfortable. With the MLily Kids mattress, all mattresses come with a mattress protector.

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Remember To Switch The Sides Regularly

A mattress for kids has almost the same characteristics as one for adults. That means it can be highly beneficial to rotate it once every while. Nowadays, some companies note that it is not obligatory, but still – it doesn’t take much effort but can make the product last a lot longer. If you don’t switch the sides at least once every few months, your child’s mattress might soften and lose its shape. If you don’t mind doing a bit of lifting, try to rotate the mattress 180 degrees from head to foot, ideally at least once every six months. A small thing can go a long way!

Have A Strong Base

If you are using a memory foam mattress for kids, having a top-quality bed base is extremely important. Although you may not think the choice of a bed can make a big difference in your kid’s mattress life, it actually has a pretty big impact. If the base doesn’t provide the right amount of support, for example, very few support slats, your child’s mattress will most likely sag with time. So before you decide to purchase a new mattress or a bed, make sure that both products work together well. 

Follow The Cleaning Instructions

To keep your kid’s mattress healthy, it is crucial to take care of it and clean it regularly. Having a comfortable sleep environment is important for many reasons, but it mainly prolongs the mattress’ life. In general, always follow the instructions given by manufacturers. Typically, they will include directions for removing stains as well as doing some cleaning. Overall, you can’t do much harm with vacuuming using a hose attachment, but even with such a small thing – it is better to check.

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Avoid using any harsh chemicals because they may destroy the foam of the mattress. Instead, try to do the work with some soap and mild water. How often should you clean your child’s bed? It depends on many factors, including your personal preference as well as the exposure to dust. There is not much difference in whether your child has a bunk bed mattress or a trundle bed mattress. It should be done every one to three months.

No Jumping On The Bed

This will be a hard one. Sadly for all the little monkeys out there, jumping on the bed is probably the worst thing you can do to your mattress. Sure, it may be fun, but it is also unsafe and can potentially damage the mattress over time. Why? All of the bouncing creates unnecessary pressure that slowly deteriorates it. 

Furthermore, there is also the risk of damaging the bed frame as it is not designed to handle jumps. Try to explain to your child that the bed is meant for sleeping only. It should be a safe and peaceful environment, not a battlefield.

The length of your kid’s mattress life depends on all kinds of factors. But if you follow these rules, you can make sure your investment will last as long as possible, and, more importantly, it will support your child and their growth (which, in return – will guarantee more ZZZ’s for you!).

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