The pros and cons of buying a bunk bed

The pros and cons of buying a bunk bed

Bunk beds are getting very popular these days. This is the best option when a couple has more than one kid’s and also allot a same room for them.

These days, one can get a lot of cool L shaped bunk beds for boys and there are a lot of varieties. But before buying bunk beds one needs to know what are the possible advantages and disadvantages of it.

The pros and cons of buying a bunk bed

Advantages of buying a Bunk Bed

  • The first and foremost advantage of it is, one can get two separate beds for their two kids by buying just one bed. So, each kid gets their own personal bed to sleep on. This will give them space of their own and help them sleep independently. But at the same time, you two kids will be sleeping together in the same room.
  • You actually save a lot of space by buying a bunk bed. If you have a medium sized room for your kids and you have to shove up two separate beds for them in the room, then it will become too clumsy. So, when there is a bunk bed, there are actually two beds but the space that it covers is of a single bed. So a lot of floor space is saved in the room. In fact, one can also go for the queen sized bunk beds which can be more comfortable for the kids.
  • Another advantage if buying a detachable bunk bed is, you can keep them together at first but when the kids grow up and need to sleep separately, you can always detach the two beds and separate them. You can shift the beds in different rooms or you can place the beds together parallel in a single room.
  • They come in different designs and varieties. Yeas, you can either go for the metal beds or the wooden beds. The wooden beds are certainly more durable than the former but not much colour and design options are available in wooden beds. That are mostly available in metal bunk beds and kids totally love them.
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Disadvantages of buying a Bunk Bed

There are a few disadvantages as well.

  • Some bunk beds have detachable ladders to climb up the upper bunk. They are not always safe. One has to be careful when they are climbing up and down with the help of those stairs. Otherwise they might fall and get injured. It is also a good idea to get attached stairs with the bed if you get one. They are much safer.
  • Also when climbing the upper bunk one needs to check the gap between the bunk and the ceiling. The gap should not be too minimal because the child sleeping on the top might get hurt by the light or the fan.
  • Also when buying the bed, one needs to check whether all the parts are perfectly attached or not. If not, then there is a chance of injury as the bed may fall apart.

One can get cheap L shaped bunk beds at online stores.

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