Quad Bikes: Long-Term Storage Tips

Quad Bikes

If you are a UK quad bike rider, you will no doubt store your bike for the winter, waiting for the spring season to arrive, when you can start riding again, and when storing a quad, there are certain precautions that you should take to ensure the quad remains protected from rust and corrosion. As we near the end of our British summer, here are a few tips on storing your quad for the winter months.

  • Thorough Clean – The first step is to give your quad a thorough clean using soap and a high-pressure water jet, and once the quad is clean, you can move onto other protective measures. It is a good idea to cover the plastic with a special solution to protect it, while also covering all chrome with grease and spray the inner exhaust with WD40 to prevent rust setting in, and finally, stuff a rag into the exhaust opening to stop animals nesting in there.
  • Drain Fuel – If your quad has a plastic petrol tank, you will need to drain all the fuel from the tank, the fuel pipes and carburettor, while a metal tank requires adding a fuel stabiliser, to ensure that the fuels does not lose its properties. If you are looking to buy a new or used quad, you may want to visit Quadbikes R Us for road legal quad bikes for sale as they’re one of the UK’s leading quad dealers with a wide range of machines and accessories.
  • Remove The Battery – It is very important to disconnect the battery and store it somewhere dry, while adding a dab of Vaseline on each of the battery terminals to prevent corrosion. If you can remember, charge the battery every month, which will prevent the battery from drying out.
  • Brake Calipers – It will help if you squirt some WD40 into the inner brake cables, this will prevent them from seizing up. You can do the same for the clutch cable, pulling the clutch in and out to lubricate the inner cable.
  • Tyre Inflation – It is a good idea to inflate the tyres to maximum pressure, as tyres tend to deflate over time. Check the owner’s manual for correct and maximum tyre pressures.
  • Oil & Filter Change – When storing the bike, you should change the oil and oil filter, and run the engine once a month, which will ensure all the moving parts are lubricated. This will reduce the risk of engine damage, so do take the time to do the oil change just before you store the machine. For more information on internal combustion engine, a quick search online should lead you to informative articles.
  • Cover The Bike – It is not advisable to cover the quad with a plastic sheet, as this could cause condensation, rather you should cover the machine with a breathable fabric.
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Cover The Bike

Once you have completed all of the above steps, you can rest assured that your quad will be in tip-top shape, ready for the next season. Another important thing is to carry out essential maintenance on a regular basis, as this will protect the machine and ensure that your quad is always ready to ride.

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