Reasons Everyone Loves Baseball

Baseball is a much-loved sport right around the world. Many kids play baseball in teams on the weekend, and if they are good and dedicated enough, they might make it all the way to the MLB, which is the top baseball league in America. Many baseball players strive to reach the MLB, but even if that’s not what you are looking to do, playing baseball can be a lot of fun.

The excitement of attending a Major League Baseball game, such as an Astros game, might inspire you to work harder and hone your own skills on the field.

Whether you are playing or just watching baseball, there are many reasons why it is so loved, right around the world. So, have a read on below at some of the main reasons everyone loves baseball:

Every Player is Important

In baseball, it doesn’t matter if you are batting, pitching, or fielding, every position has a significant amount of importance and can eventually have a huge impact on the end result of the game. In a league like the MLB, each team has huge rosters, with a significant amount of players on them, and every player can have their time in the sun to try to get the win for their team.

America’s Favorite Game

Baseball is affectionately known as America’s Game, and for good reason to. If you are thinking about things that make America, America – then you really can’t go past baseball. When the season is active, there are so many games on each day – usually a lot more than other leagues in America. You will also see so many people willing to offer you their MLB picks today, while others will simply just choose their favorite team, no matter what!

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No Time Limit

There aren’t many sports that don’t have a time limit – so if you are looking for something that could very well end up going all day, then baseball is the sport for you. The fact that there isn’t a time limit adds to the drama, because those watching (and playing) simply have no idea when it’s going to end. 

The Stats and Language 

If you dive head first into baseball, you will quickly see it is like a completely different language. There are also so many different stats to be aware of as well. They love an abbreviation in baseball, want to know some of them? Well, ERA, WHIP, OBP, SLG%, BA, SV, K, BB, E, IBB, H, R, IP, AB, LOB, HBP – just to name a few! Baseball is all about numbers, and you will see MLB experts all crunching numbers to see trends and try to pick what is going to happen next.

The Postseason

One of the best things about any sport, the postseason. The postseason is where you see the best of the best teams from the current season fight it out to reach the World Series. Then if they do end up being one of the two final teams to make the World Series, then they have a best of seven series to see who will be crowned champions. Having the best of seven series is a great way to add additional drama, especially if the World Series ends up going the distance.

Home Runs

It’s kind of like a hole in one in golf, but better, and more often! Witnessing a home run while you are sitting in the crowd is one of the best things to see live. But it can be made even better, especially if it is your team or favorite player hitting the home run, or if there are multiple bases loaded, so the home run adds multiple more runs to the scoreboard. One of the more rare aspects to witness is a Grand Slam home run, which is where all the bases are loaded and the batter hits a home run, this adds four runs to the scoreboard!

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