Reasons Why Social Media is Getting More Popular in Student

Reasons Why Social Media is Getting More Popular in Student

Social media is one of the greatest inventions of this modern technological era. We can the touch of social media in every field. Now a day’s everyone is addicted to the word called social media. Social media is the main source and technique to make one busy, entertain and be in touch with friends and relatives. Now a day’s life is very busy and no one gets any kind of person to spend. So whenever they are free they involve them self in social media which makes them happy and entertained. In the case of student’s life, social media is really a relief to their tension and stress. It makes them relax and live academic life stress-free. Not only student’s social media is something which is used by every part of the world and age is not a limitation to its usage. Social Media which includes Face book, Twitter, Mail services, YouTube, and search engines these are some famous social media elements which have become a very important part of everyone’s life. Our research shows that more than 90%of population use social media and in the upcoming years it will reach 100% itself. One thing is crystal clear social media is an integral part of everyone’s life and in a student’s life, it plays a higher role.

Reasons Why Social Media is Getting More Popular in Student

It’s like a world in our hand. As a philosopher of communication theory said ‘’the new electronic independence re-creates the world in the image of a global village’’. It means it literally spreads knowledge internationally and makes us an international citizen. Education is not an individual process it includes so many different elements, these elements are brought together by the social media. In the case of students, social media plays a very important role. It enhances their learning skill and helps to develop a good individual personality. When the students get new opportunities and new changes in their life it makes them confident and leads them towards their dreams.

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 Collect learning materials

Technology helps everyone to reach out the information which is not available in books and in libraries. Social media helps students to collect information and supplementary materials which are not in their books. They need not go to the library or not depend on their textbooks they can easily get new information which relevant and valid one. In a single touch, they get what they want this made their academic life easy and stress-free. If they have to submit a new project or present seminar paper they can go to your tub or search engine and collect related information and also see the demonstration of presenting seminar their body language etc. This really will help them to make their mind free and also gain a good grade in their academic career. Such help will make them independent and confident.

Make new friends

It’s not only in the case of students. When you use social media you will get a chance to meet new people and get know their lifestyle and their culture. In olden days when social media is not many popular people used chat rooms to connect with new people but in this social media era people use different types of social media and in each they will meet new people if they feel comfortable and confident they can be friends with them if they are not confident about the person then they can ignore it and they can move on. So in the case of students, they are tired of situations and exams the only relief is Social Media and their new friends. Not only with unknown people can they befriend with their teachers and other faculty members. It’s a good platform for teacher and student to form a good relationship with their teacher and educator. It’s a means of developing a relationship outside the classroom.

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Share Information

When we meant sharing it’s related to education. Education is a time limit, distance limited and coast limited one. Through the use of social Media like you tub and Skype it will help the student to reach out the classes. One can hear the lecture by using Skype and other social media tools. By using it they can be able to prepare for examination and it will make them confident and will help to build a better future. It helps to share known information to a person and helps to enhance education. If a person needs certain information and she or he doesn’t have that source then they can depend on others and ask them to help through social media they can share it without wasting their time and energy.

Freedom to share their thoughts

Students have their own creative thoughts and skills and everyone doesn’t get the opportunity to present their skills and talents on a stage. But social media is an interesting platform which encourages students and also others to share their ideas talents and skills. This will give them confidence and they will be able to understand their own skills and talents. If they have an account in social media they can post and share their videos and ideas without wasting their money. It’s a free use of media. No one has to pay for it it’s really free and fast. It’s a world of freedom. In another hand, it’s also misused and go in a negative way but we are well educated and adult we have to control our negative thoughts and have to understand which is right and which is wrong. As a responsible citizen, we have to use it in a good way and better way.

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Helps to stay connected with current events

Social media is the main way to get the up to date information from around the world. In olden days it was papers and television channels which gave new about the going events in the world. After the invention and the popularity of social media, we get in time information related to every matter. Whether its sports politics health technology economic business everything. Students get all the relevant details related to the world which will make them ready to compete with the new world. Everyone is best and everyone is trying to be best in every sense so in this race social media is playing an integral role and helps the students to lead the successful life and confident life. When you know everything then you need not be worried about the future.

So we can say that social media plays an important role not only in students life but also in everyone’s life. It’s a life-changing media and it makes us independent and to be a perfect responsible citizen. Social media gives a chance to the citizens to post and establish their skills and talents. If you are talented enough the business companies will follow you and will offer new jobs and can secure your future. So it’s really a good platform for the upcoming talents.


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