Recover Permanently Deleted Files From Pen Drive With Automated Solution

I had stored my all good memorial images, videos and important documents like childhood images or videos, school, and college, documents etc. in my pen drive. Yesterday my all relatives had come to my home. they wanted to see our childhood images and video. But unluckily, when I connected my pen drive on the windows PC I saw there was no data. My pen drive was empty. I am very disappointed. I also checked in recycle bin. my data was not there. I think my all files are permanently deleted from pen drive. I don’t have any back up of my data. please help me and suggest me a better solution. I don’t know how to recover permanently deleted files from pen drive. I am very upset because all data is very precious for me.

Recover Permanently Deleted Files From Pen Drive

Permanently Deleted Files from Pen Drive

Pen drives are crucial devices in files storage, management, moving, etc. and convey great comfort. It is very portable and small in size, thus you can carry it anywhere. Also, the pen drive is capable to give huge storage capability, and you can keep a huge amount of files and folders on it for backup or data transfer. However, Pen drive also causes issues like data loss problem.

It is common wisdom that the data loss issue is not avoidable, for different factors can lead to the issue. Files such as office document, photos, music, videos, and so on can get lost. Luckily, pen drive data recovery software is available and can be done via a couple of methods. If you are reading this article, you’ve probably lost some important data from Pen drive and want to get them back. You can keep reading to dig it out.

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Reason for Pen Drive Data Loss

Here some point about what reason behind pen drive data loss. How to Stop It. Some user’s don’t know the actual reason behind permanently deleted files and folders from pen drive.

  • Other Program deleted the files
  • Unplugged pen drive during the transfer process
  • Error occurs during the cut and paste process and file get deleted
  • Repartition pen drive and delete all partitions and files
  • Pen drive contains bad sectors and loss of files

There is three simple way of data recovery. Just used these methods and recover your deleted, corrupted, and formatted data from pen drive.

Method. 1-

Recover Permanently Deleted Files From Pen Drive by Using Manual Method

Whenever users data is lost firstly they should try manual method. It is a free but little bit complicated. Now, you will know, how it works step by step:

  • Connect the pen drive to the laptop.
  • Go to the start button and right click.
  • Click Command Prompt (Admin). The CMD will open.
  • Type the pen drive letter, E.g. > F: and press Enter.
  • Type attrib -h -r -s /s /d *.*, press Enter and hold for a couple of seconds.
  • Finally, check the pen drive, files and folders would be restored.

Note: Remember one thing manual method will only able to recover normal deleted data from pen drive. If your data is deleted permanently then you have to try the second method. That I have given below:

Method. 2-

Recover Permanently Deleted Files From Pen Drive by Using the Previous Version of Files and Folders

  • Previous versions of files or folders are generated by Windows backup attribute and users can use them to restore files or folders which have been damaged, deleted or modified.
  • Open Windows Explorer by hitting the Start menu and choosing myComputer.
  • Find the folder which holds your deleted data. If users do not remember the exact name or location of the files and folder, users can find for it using the search box.
  • Right-mouse clicks on a folder and chooses Properties. Then click on the tab “Previous Versions“.
  • Then users can see the list of the previous version of files and folders. Choose the file that users want to recover and click on “restore” button
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Method. 3-

Recover Permanently Deleted Files From Pen Drive With Automated Solution

If you are not able to recover your data from above those methods. Then you can use pen drive data recovery software and recover permanently deleted files from pen drive with an automated solution. It recovers permanently deleted (shift+delete), corrupted and formatted data from pen drive. It recovers all types of data files and folders, photos, videos, audio’s, games etc. It is very easy to use. It recovers unlimited data. The tool gives advance search option to search a specific file within recovered items. The software also provides the selected data recovery option by using this user can recover selective data. Software compatible with all versions of Windows including Windows 10, 8 and all below version. Software supports all brands of pen drive like SanDisk, LG, HP, Toshiba, and Sony etc. It supports all file formate .pdf, .zip, .doc, excel etc. The main thing about is this program before you buy the tool gives you the chance to view all deleted files and folders, the quality of recovery and then only you can take a decision to purchase. For use of this software just follow few simple steps and use this tool:

  • Firstly, download SysTools pen drive recovery tool and after that, install the software
  • The software provides two data recovery options such as Scan and formatted scan you can choose any recovery options.
  • Then, search and preview recovered pen drive data
  • After that, you can Save recovered items on your laptop
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The process of permanently deleted data recovery is not complicated and time-consuming by using pen data recovery software and recover permanently deleted files from pen drive with an automated solution. It Recovers data instantly without any data loss. It is user-friendly. But still, I suggest you take regular basis back up on your crucial data. For use of pen drive data recovery tool technical knowledge is not required.

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