How old stuff can be recycled for home décor to save money

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Your creativity takes a new stand while decorating your heavenly abode. Your imaginations get new wings to fly, while you get equally liberated with the creative world. We all long to decorate our houses with beautiful artifacts and other itineraries. But then, we tend to forget that old stuff, using them methodically, if recycled wisely. Besides purchasing new decorative items, your house beautifies with certain reused and recycled items. The simplified process of conversion of unused or old things into a reusable something relates to Recycling. The various items that we think are waste and plan to throw away; reused smartly with the aid of the recycling procedure. For instance, you can reuse the old used mason jars into hanging flower pots, pen stands, or cutlery stands! You can later embellish the same with various colors and other embellishments readily available in stationery retail outlets.

When we think of decorating or re-decorating our house, we tend to calculate the total expenses. And if you believe in saving some, the following ideas of planning how to re-decorate our house with recycled items will help in the long run. Thus, read on to gather some knowledge.

  • Unfilled mason jars

We all have empty mason jars dumped somewhere at our storerooms or kitchen shelves. Though it is a bit time-consuming project, these jars quickly transform into hanging garden lamps. Your dining table illuminates the same. They act as colorful and innovative pendant lamps.

Unfilled mason jars

Moreover, fill these empty mason jars with garden soil, and you can plant some saplings transforming it into a hanging pot. You can go ahead decorating your extended veranda or highlight the corners of the porch with these hanging jars. The transparent feature makes them more attractive, and various shells or beads placed deftly inside make them more eye-catching. If you desire to use the same as a light holder, insert a handful of string lights, and alter it into a hanging pendant lamp. To keep the whole process simple, illuminate the inside of the jar with a decorative candle, and let the house interiors or exteriors have a fairy-tale look.

  • Timeworn bed linens and cushion covers
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Timeworn bed linens and cushion covers

We all have loads of timeworn bed linens and cushion-covers lying unused for years in cartons. Stitching the bed linens along the sides of cushion-covers acts wisely to transform them into new ones! You can showcase your painting skills by creating your unique designs. Moreover, making new cushion-covers using old bed linens is also a wise idea. Want to have a rustic look in your private domain? You can thus stitch the old cushion-covers together to make rugs. They might be of diverse colors, but then it will help to give your room a Bohemian outlook.

  • Antique table and photos from the past

Antique table and photos from the past

Want to enhance the look of your antique table? Your photographs from the past will do the needful. Take out all the old pictures and sift them deftly. You can display them on your table-top and cover the same with transparent glass. The photos will be visible, narrating your old memories forever!

  • Age-old Videotapes, CDs and DVDs

In the digitized version of our life, the old videotapes, CDs, and DVDs lies unused and untouched for years. You can incorporate various model making ideas with the help of the old CDS and DVDs.One can easily Hang them on the balcony with the help of an unused power cord. The reflection from their surface with keep away birds from your plants, flower pots, or garden. Use them as gift bags’ bases or a spindle for your spinning wool. Your empty wall can get decorated wallpaper with a collage made from reflective DVDs or CDs. They can also be put up on the ceiling to give an illuminating effect when the rooms are dark. Instead of spending over plastic tapes, the age-old videotapes are utilized as excellent and decent-looking binders for your garden posts.

  • Un-used glassware
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Un-used glassware

We all like stacking our kitchen cupboards or multi-purpose units with several glasses and tumblers. And we hardly use them. This glassware tends to lose shine as the days pass. They transform into a decorative piece with the aid of many creative ideas. You can paint them from outside and put colored pebbles inside and place it on the center-table. Or else use them as clear flower pots, where you can adorn the same with fresh flowers. Place floating candles in them with few flower petals along with it to enhance the effect. You can thus place the same at the entrance of your house to give an excellent welcoming effect. Most of the big ones can cater to flower vases for your corner rack or dining table.

  • Empty used bottles

Empty used bottles

We often tend to store away the empty used bottles at our storerooms or attic, without even knowing their utility. They are found in all sizes, shapes, and colors, and can be significantly utilized owing to its versatile features. Keep these empty bottles on the window sills of your kitchen or sitting area, where there is a lot of sun-rays brightening up the whole arena. With these colored bottles, the sunlight will be more colorful, while brightening your house interiors. They can also act as soap dispensers or flower vases. A bunch of pendant lights can be easily stashed inside the same to transform it into a pendant lamp. These empty used bottles can also act as bottle-planters where you can plant any climber and let it grow. Furthermore, the bottle base caters as your bangle holder!

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Re-cycle, Re-create and reuse

Re-cycle, Re-create and reuse

There are many things already present in your heavenly habitat, which are lying unused and untouched for many years. Thought-provoking, isn’t it? Your house will look more striking and eye-catching when these minute things are smartly reused and recycled. Try making use of the most. Right from old bed linens to glass bottles, you will be saving a lot while decorating your living space. Recycle, recreate, and then reuse them to give your area meaning and heighten your creative skills.

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