The Rise of Plus Size Beauty In India

plus size woman modeling

Women’s elegance is the most awe-inspiring thing God has made leisurely. Size is also a considering factor for woman beauty. If we peep into the history, we could find many facts and proves that women having the fine line of curves are considered to be the most beautiful woman. The historical paintings & wall carvings of Khajuraho and Ajanta has beautifully exuded the awe-inspiring beauty of plus size body.

plus size woman modeling

Nowadays, visions and thoughts are changing drastically with the changing time. India has once again realized the importance and essence of plus-size beauty. The growth of this segment is at a tremendous progress that it has evolved separate size plus models segment in a fashion industry.


This has encouraged every curvy woman to move ahead confidently with their plus size beauty. However, this fashion revolution has represented the real meaning of Women Empowerment. Plus size fashion has now become a contemporary fashion trend that will never fade out and continue to prosper every year.


Remember one thing that, it is not only your outfit, jewelry, stilettos, and the clutch that makes you look beautiful, your skills of carrying confidence outshines the true essence of your beauty.


So, it’s a high time to pull back yourself from the bog of your monotonous thoughts that you don’t have a freedom to wear anything. And for those people who judge your beauty by your appearance then hardly bother them because doing so, they define their low mindset.


With regards to this, here we have share 4 model worthy tips to boost your Plus Size body confidence:



Don’t Restrict Yourself to Trends

Fashion really means when you express yourself fearlessly without any restriction. So, always choose the outfit that is self-expressive and keep you comfortable. If the trend complements your look and style, then adopt it, otherwise embellish yourself with the option that keeps you comfortable.


Focus on Lingerie

Exposure is like a spice, if it is added less or more, it completely mar your beauty. So, cautiously select your assets to expose your beauty in a right manner. Having a perfect size upper and lower garment can accentuate your body posture in a right manner without going vulgar.


Give Yourself Ample of Time for Makeover

While getting yourself readyfor a party or for office, don’t rush, take ample of time to do your makeover.  Start with your lipstick and after getting yourself ready, give time to yourself to settle the makeup and feel ok. If you get ready quickly, it may draw an adverse effect on your makeoverand overall look.


Team Up Your Look with Heels

It is important for a plus size girl to team her outfit with effective heels. This will give a perfect height to you and add a vibe of self-expression to your overall looks. High heels are also considered to be the best way to enhance your plus size body confidence.


God has blessed you with the two curves, one is your smile and another is your body curves. Don’t hide them, flaunt them and say proudly that “Yes I am Size Sexy”.

Furthermore, these were the few tips that work as a confidence booster for a Plus Size body and help you to gain self-expression in your looks and confidence. With these above tips, you can easily learn to express yourself and earn an amazing level of the confidence.

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