Role of Brushing, Flossing and Cleaning in Dental Health

Taking proper care of your teeth is essential. Regular care keeps your teeth away from harms. You should brush daily. You should floss every day. Teeth cleaning is what you should do immediately after the brushing. These are basic forms of care one must take. Don’t ignore these day-to-day care, else you might not able to achieve a desired level of dental health. After all, these small steps can save you from diseases that often strike in lack of care.


Let’s look at how brushing, cleaning and flossing help in their own unique ways –

  • Regular brushing is what doctors recommend worldwide.

  • Brushing helps keep the teeth clean and white.

  • You can brush to take out food items stuck between the teeth.

  • Brushing removes a range of bacteria present in the mouth and keeps it free from disease-carrying germs.

  • Twice-a-day brushing is recommend – one, in the morning and second, before going to sleep.

  • Dentists advise brushing at least two-minute in each occasion in the day.

  • Soft brush should be used, not hard ones as they can have adverse impact on the tooth enamel.

  • Brushing can be effective in cases to remove stains and wean off any impact of colour that turns it bad

  • Tongue cleaning is next most important aspect of basic dental care as you do it twice daily.

  • A range of bacteria is present on the tongue and without cleaning, then won’t go away and rather get deposited to harm further.

  • Cleaning of tongue takes away all the plaque and keeps the teeth away from harms and it also gives good breath.

  • You should floss you teeth regularly at least twice a week to maintain the dental health.

  • Flossing is important as brushing can’t take away all food items especially those stuck between the teeth.

  • Dentists advise doing all three – brushing, cleaning & flossing on a regular basis.

  • Brushing should be followed by tongue cleaning and this practice should be followed on a daily basis.

  • You can either do flossing on a daily basis or once in every two days or as you deem fit.

  • You should consult a dentist on a regular basis to get a complete check-up done.

  • Getting the teeth whitened at a clinic means one is sure to get the highest standard of medical care and treatment. Plus, dentists often do a routine check-up of teeth and gum before going ahead with any procedures and in this way, any problems can be detected much earlier than it would otherwise.

In nutshell, you should take proper care of your teeth to keep in good health and shape. So, go and fix an appointment with a top dentist Fresh Pond Rd to get desired results for your dental problems.

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