Most Romantic Restaurants to Eat at Valentine’s Day in Stockholm

Romantic hotels in stockholm

Valentine’s Day is approaching and it’s time to plan a romantic dinner with someone you like at one of Stockholm’s most cosy restaurants.

We list best of dating restaurants around Stockholm. Here is guaranteed something that will fall you and your sweetheart in the taste, whether you like white linen and candles or a more light-hearted restaurant where you can feel at home.

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Romantic hotels in stockholm


An interior world of dreams (in pink). What could be better for Valentine’s Day than slipping in among pink pillows and romantic tapestries at Markus Aujalay’s newly opened Tegelbacken restaurant. Here you will find untouched and good midday dishes that you and your date can share.

Le Rouge:

A romantic creep in the charming Old Town. Here the surroundings are immensely romantic with heavy red velvet fabrics, luxurious white cloths and subdued lighting – like being on the Moulin Rouge in the late 1800’s. The menu at Le Rouge focuses on salmon and entrecote and you can choose from a wide range of accessories to tailor your dishes, the staffs is knowledgeable and will be happy to advise you on good wines.

39 West:

A restaurant with a high mining factor at Kungsholmen. The restaurant has a wide European menu with a wide range of meat and fish dishes. The rooms feel refurbished and the atmosphere makes for a really lovely Valentine’s Day dinner.


A luxurious and tasteful restaurant outside town. It’s not stupid to test a gem outside the customs on Valentine’s Day. At Aloe, you are guaranteed delicious and luxurious food, the interior is sober and you can choose from a well-prepared menu of four or seven dishes.

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Stylishly decorated with flavours from all corners of the world. On Taste, you choose dishes according to taste, just as the name suggests; everything from lemon, wasabi or chili to liquorice and coriander. The restaurant located on the northern ore has a wide range of small dishes and fine wines. Perhaps it would be extra cosy to order a bunch of dishes to share during your romantic dinner?

Brasserie Makalos:

A delicious brassiere in the middle of Kungstradgarden. The Brassiere Makalos serves food of French origin. The menu is full of classics like snails, lobster, gratinated mussels, poached eggs, French cheeses and crème brulee. Perfect for a romantic evening in the love of love. The rooms at Hotel Kungstradgarden have fantastic ceilings and give a feeling of being in a French courtyard.


Strunta in stiff dinners and snarky coupons, here is both the food and the atmosphere good. Are you one that cannot handle low-key conversations in strict environments but want a more relaxed environment, lounge music and exciting food? Then the Supper is the restaurant for you! The menu is full of classics like snails, lobster, gratinated mussels, poached eggs, French cheeses and crème Brule. Here you and your company can eat and drink well (the drinks are super good!), Laugh and enjoy an evening together.


Homely Italian at Riddarfjärden. Trattorian offers good Tuscan cuisine in a casual and romantic setting. Here you can stroll on the quayside along the beautiful Riddarfjärden to get a cosy start on your date. Begin the dinner with a glass of bubbling Prosecco and finish with a creamy panna cotta. At the Trattorian, the food is good and the atmosphere is homely. The kitchen has developed a special Valentine’s Day menu promise “La dolce vita”.

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Culture Bar:

A slightly more luxurious tapas restaurant with a focus on good ingredients. It serves small dishes inspired by the Mediterranean. Cosily decorated and unpretentious. Many good wines on the menu and small dishes that one would prefer to order one of each of.

Author: Daniyal Buksh

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