Safety Tips For Commercial Inspections In Concord NC

Often we do not focus on the safety factor while getting services. However, a service like commercial building inspection demands an attention to the safety. It obviously is not a very easy task to keep a building full of workers safe while commercial inspection. It can be time-consuming and might also disturb the system of office. To save you from the trouble, there are some tips suggested by commercial inspectors, along with a checklist of things that need attention, which will help you to make safety a priority and also maintain your building.

commercial inspections in Concord, NC:

Here’s how to stay on top of safety during commercial inspections in Concord, NC:

Keep Ahead Of Schedule

Majority of the businesses pay attention to maintenance issues when the problems get out of hand. There’s a saying, “the squeaky wheel gets the grease”, and it is proved right in this case. Doing this can not only lead to problems and issues but also can put the safety of your employees at risk. You can stay ahead of the maintenance issues by creating a schedule for the following routine maintenance checks:

    • HVAC inspection
    • Roof inspection
    • Grounds inspection (especially after a storm hits, the safety hazards can pop up in roads and walkways)
    • Interior inspection (don’t forget to check for water damage, frayed carpets, and damaged stairways)

Follow Safety Guidelines When On The Roof

A roof is often known as a high-risk area, and during an inspection, it is no exception. From falling hazards to free nails, there are several risks to watch for.

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During a roof inspection, the following safety precautions can protect you:

  • Wear a helmet in case of a fall
  • Avoid walking on parts of the roof that seem damaged
  • Follow ladder safety precautions if using a ladder – don’t place it in a walkway, use caution tape, and ensure that the top of the ladder ranges a few feet above the roof
  • Wear kneepads and work gloves – if the roof has not been cleaned, there can be nails or sharp debris lying around
  • Wear boots with good grip and a protective outsole

Safety Equipment Must Always Be On Hand

While performing routine maintenance and getting inspections, make it easy for others and yourself to be safe. You can always keep safety equipment on hand for several interior and exterior tasks. This equipment may include:

    • Hearing protection
    • Safety goggles
    • Work gloves
    • Hard hats
    • Respiratory protection (dust masks)
    • Caution tape
    • Safety, high-visibility vests

Often people overlook another important thing, which is fire safety. Take care of all of your fire extinguishers, always keep them up-to-date, and make sure all of the occupants of your commercial building know how to use them.

Be Cautious Of Any Dangerous Toxins/Gasses On-Site

Whenever a safety discussion is raised, a lot of injuries are listed due to toxins and gases that are a danger during a commercial inspection. You should be mindful of what toxic chemicals may be present in your building, and take all safety measures as suggested by the manufacturer.

This is not a big concern in case of home inspection, as home inspectors in Concord, NC, keep the inspection very mild.

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Important One – Hire A Contractor Who Values Safety

Working on a commercial property can be quite tricky. So, whenever you want to hire experts to do an inspection on your commercial facility, make sure that they have a solid reputation for safety. Have a proper conversation with the professionals regarding safety before hiring them for the project.

It is important to practice safety and it should always be a priority. Therefore, whenever you get any maintenance done in your building or inspection of any kind, ensure that the task is performed safely.

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