SAP Cloud Computing Benefits Explained

With the hype of cloud computing continuing for few years from past, already we are very accustomed to the term though only a few have the correct idea of the technology that it represents. Cloud computing should not be taken as a kind of savior to rescue the enterprise IT from distress. Cloud computing besides its era transforming influence in enterprise IT is equally challenging as well. Picking the right cloud solution and having the expertise and knowledge to unleash its full potential for the enterprise IT is crucial.

SAP Cloud Computing Benefits Explained

Cloud computing allows zero installation and faster implementation leading enterprises garnering smart advantages like quick integration into IT system, roust accessibility and ease of use. The seamless integration allowed by cloud based IT infrastructure and cloud supported backend systems for several industry niche like Finance, Sales or logistics gave the cloud solutions from SAP a distinct edge over other providers.

Cloud solutions are growing to encompass more niches and diverse lines of businesses as a new IT solution. Presently, cloud solutions are going to be delivered to finance and even the core enterprise systems are increasingly being discussed to move them to the cloud. Here we are going to focus on the key benefits of moving to cloud, particularly most advanced enterprise ready cloud solution of SAP.

Secure and efficient

While you are planning to move your business IT to the cloud, you need to know the distinct advantages that you can gain from such a move. You can take for example the SAP’s cloud solution. It is more secure than ever before and has the dedicated resources of a focused team of cloud professionals. It offers more efficiency than any IT service just because the professionals only need to manage cloud servers than doing anything else.

Zero upfront investment 

In comparison to taking traditional IT services cloud solutions require practically no investment to start with. As you basically need to pay for a service instead of hardware and infrastructure, you can save the entire upfront investment cost. Some of the key upfront investment that any business need to make in its IT infrastructure or its own servers include the following.

  • Server storage space
  • Cables and wireless routers
  • IT service staff to manage and maintain server
  • Training and knowledge building of IT staff to deal with the server
  • Server side security software

To get the servers up and running there are other costs as well. Cloud solutions provide you total relief from these investments in servers and manpower. With cloud solution in place, your business only needs computers equipped with internet connection. When you have cloud installed in your computer you can enjoy storage for a variety of documents, databases and types of files and can also retrieve them from any permitted device from anywhere you want to. All advanced cloud solutions including the cloud services of SAP offer flexible pay option for the storage you use. Instead of buying a large disk space that runs the risk of remaining unused, now you can start with a small storage and can upgrade to bigger storage as it suits you. This ‘pay as you use’ model allows optimum flexibility with your cloud solutions.

Enterprises are exposed to less risk

You are not incurring a huge IT infrastructure cost when opting for a cloud solution and you are only paying for the kind of storage and service you need. This obviously makes enterprises less exposed to risk. You do not have to stretch the IT budget too far or make use of all available funds in   the beginning. By opting for a cloud solution against a subscription fee you are in flexible position to step back if really the solution does not suit you. Moreover, cloud solutions are now coming with custom software options as per the business requirements. So, instead of purchasing certain software and screaming on its futility, you can now remove certain software and customize many options as per your business needs. The typical headaches with enterprise IT like buying new software, new licenses and upgrading the storage to accommodate emerging needs all are absent here.

Reduced power cost and carbon footprint

A business makes saving from cloud solutions in number of ways. One of them is the savings from reduced power consumption of your IT infrastructure because of outsourcing the storage solution from a cloud service provider. Without the big servers and computing hardware running for your business data center it leads to a hefty consumption of power. Besides saving the power cost you also reduce the carbon footprint to a great extent as no longer you need to have a large infrastructure for your data center running. It can be taken care of by an enterprise ready cloud solution.

Reduced operational cost

Lastly, it is on account of reduced operational cost that you save a hefty from your cloud solution. First of all, you do not need too many IT professionals to keep your business data center up and running. Moreover, there is zero maintenance cost as it was earlier for servers and software upgrades. All the issues, upgrades, software solutions will be taken care of by the cloud service provider. You can further reduce operational cost by making use of a cloud based phone system in the workplace. From sharing files to updating them in real time to facilitating collaboration among workforce stationed at different places, thanks to cloud solutions you can boost efficiency at no extra cost.

The cost savings apart, the cloud solutions holds the key to future computing because it is made to keep in live contact with diverse touch points which is increasingly becoming a sort of criterion for businesses now. With mobility in enterprise IT gaining the upper hand and as enterprises are increasingly coping with the connected device ecosystem in workplaces and beyond, a non-location specific, non-device specific easily accessible storage and data processing infrastructure must be in place and that is why cloud computing seems to be the ideal fit for all enterprise IT needs. Advanced and agile cloud solutions like SAP Hana can be regarded as the standard for all high performance enterprise-ready cloud solutions to come.

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