How Do You Save Money By Making Efficient Use of Electronic Appliances?

ways to save money

In this era of fast-paced life who does not love to save money? The main reason because many believe in the proverb – Money saved in the hard way is money earned. In the summer, especially in urban cities such as Bangalore, you get enormous electricity bills due to use of air-conditioners and fans. In this article, information will be given on the simple ways to save your money with your AC in winter.

There are times, in metropolitan cities such as Bangalore, you experience environmental changes. So, you get hot sun in the winter and cold air and rain in summer. But there are also times, when you have to run to switch on the AC in summer. Cut to the opposite, you have to surround yourself with blankets during winter. But you have come to the right page. In this article, given are a couple of ideas that can make you save money by smartly using the switch.

ways to save money

Open The Curtains

At least three months of the year, you tend to keep the windows closed to avoid the hot sun. The closing of windows is also to prevent the Sun’s rays from getting to the house and heating the atmosphere. In turn, the AC will have to work more and the electricity bills will come high. This is the condition in summer if the windows are kept open. But in winter, if the conditions are cold, then you can fold up the curtains and let the big warm sun’s rays into the room. A natural mode of heating the house without electricity.

Your ancestors mainly built the front door of the home facing the east. The main reason, they can keep the windows (facing south) during winter open. This allows the sun’s rays to enter the home. In the evening, they closed the blinds in the windows to keep the heat inside the home from escaping to the atmosphere.

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 Switch Off the AC

There are many who love the mild winter. The weather is not too hot, nor too cool. But why do you love the mild winter? It is because humidity reduces in the atmosphere and the weather becomes more pleasant. Yet, keep an eye on the air conditioner. And keep the family members informed that they should not switch on and off the AC. Because the air conditioner has to perform more to bring the room temperature to the desired level.

Seal the Leaks

seal the air ducts

Inspect the doors and windows. Do you feel the cold air coming in the room? Is it very cold? Then it is better to enhance the insulation in the room. Apply weather strips. Opting for this method will keep the warm atmosphere constant in the room. The cold air cannot come inside.

Programmable Thermostat

If you are buying a thermostat, buy a programmable device. This is considered one of the smart ways to save cash on cooling and heating. During the winter season, if you are going on a small trip for ten hours, the atmosphere can remain cool. Even when you tug in the pillows, and your body falls asleep, there is no need to heat the atmosphere. You can also use throw blankets on the couch, and make use of a top quality rug to insulate the floor.

use thermostat efficiently

Follow the same method with your air conditioner. If the sun shines bright, and there is not much of a cold atmosphere, then ensure that the AC is not switched on. This will help you save money. According to home improvement experts, you can save nearly ten percent of the heating bills by keeping the thermostat down to fifteen degrees for eight hours. Those are the hours you take a long nap in the night.

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In case you are using a thermostat, switch off the AC. Provide heat only to the rooms you use. In case of non-usable places such as storage rooms, it is advisable to seal and close the vents. You can efficiently use the energy only in the rooms that your family uses often. By using a space heater in room, and setting the thermostat to perfect temperature, you can prevent the hole in the wallet.

Ceiling Fans

Even in cities such as Bangalore, not every home has a air conditioner. In the summer, many of the residents make use of ceiling fans. If you have a home, that has good ventilation and air flow, then you can save cash on your bills.

ceiling fans to enhancehating in the house

Do you know the rule, a counter-clockwise rotating fan can push hot air to a higher level in the summer? The clockwise rotation can trap the heat inside the room to promote a warm atmosphere in winter. You can make the ceiling fan rotate gently to push the hot air down to the floor.


When savings come to the picture, many people think of the humidifier. During winter or summer, the air in the home can become dry. Activating the humidifier can help regulate the heat in the home. Moist air always holds heat in a better way. So, the thermostat can be set at a low temperature. There is another way to enhance humidity in the home. House plants. They can add greenery in the home, act as a decorative item and also improve the humidity in the home.


In winter, insulation is definitely needed for the home. Usually, you lose money because of escape of hot air in winter and cold air in summer. It is advisable to get the insulation material from the home improvement store. Check for leaks and seal them.

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You can use LED lights. They use less energy and last longer than the old traditional lights. They also do not emit light unnecessarily.

LED Lights for saving moeny

Exhaust Fan

Use them only when needed. Exhaust fans can move the hot air in your home out of your apartment. So, use them carefully.

exhaust fan for saving money


Air conditioners and electronic appliances have become an integral part of households and office. Agreed, every home in Bangalore may not have an air-conditioner, but definitely they have washing machines, microwave oven etc. Other than purchasing the electronic appliance, it is vital you know the best ways to utilize them, and make them work their lifetime without any issues. For example, you should never install the AC, dryer and microwave oven at the same place. The AC promotes cooling and the dryer, oven promote hot air. Both will work more, and in turn, the bills for electricity will be high for the month. So act accordingly.

Do you have electronic appliances at home? Do you doubt that the AC is malfunctioning? Then opt for a inspection. Fortunately, unlike the olden days you can get the best technician for AC repair in Bangalore easily. There are a new bunch of companies which provide doorstep repair services. And these companies have qualified AC repair technicians and handyman professionals in their vendor list. So, the best easy way to opt for a professional service in the handyman category is to download their app, install in your mobile and place a request. As per your own schedule and convenience. The concerned skilled technician will come to your home, and make the device come back to normal.

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