School Summer Vacation: Fun, Crazy, Unforgettable

We all love vacations. But it’s not every time that we get it. Summer Vacations are an excellent time for students to replenish their lost energy and find some creative ideas. However, it’s not always possible owing to less number of days for which they are given. Every student would agree that summer vacations should be for a longer period of time. They all want to engage in activities like swimming, singing, dancing, book clubs and so on. But for this one needs time. Students of higher classes are given even less number of days for vacations. They have to attend classes for different subjects to prepare for board examinations. Though it is necessary, it leaves them with very little time to recreate.

However, there are best schools in Gurgaon which offer ultra-modern facilities and ideas to provide their students with time to recreate themselves and keep a balance between their studies and sports. They ensure that the student is able to keep his or her mind fresh and learn everything quickly. They offer yoga classes, mindfulness sessions, aerobics, Zumba off and on so that the students don’t feel bored and dull while studying continuously. At a young age if one is taught to be mechanical they can lose their creativity and the ability to think.

Rishi Public School is one such school which allows its students to have a long games period, creative sessions within classrooms and the learning process is such that they wouldn’t feel the burden of studying. The teachers are constantly asked to make their teaching style more conversational so that the students don’t doze off on the back seat and it would make it all the more difficult for the teacher. Therefore, we can say that Rishi Public School is the best school in Gurgaon. Parents prefer their children to gain knowledge from different subjects as well as learn extracurricular activities. This will open for them new opportunities in terms of career in the future.

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School Summer Vacation: Fun, Crazy, Unforgettable

In Rishi Public School, teachers help their students learn and create in new ways. They don’t use the old drill methods to teach science, languages, history, economics and so on. They give examples to the students using simple everyday work and make them understand how it goes. Though it is a tough job to do, teachers in Rishi Public School are able to do it because they love teaching. They are not money minded and work hard day and night to help their students excel in all walks of life.

Parents also feel that their children should get longer summer vacations. This way they can take them for excursions and educational trips. Travel opens up the mind more than anything. Therefore it is extremely beneficial for the students to go on such trips/picnics. Schools should also organise them off and on to create a healthy balance between the body and the mind. If the mind and the body work in tandem with each other, then an individual can conquer the world. Parents therefore believe that there children should study in Rishi Public School so that they can get better opportunities to flourish and learn.
So while different schools may beg to differ, Rishi Public School believes that longer summer vacations definitely are a boon for students. They are able to engage in positive recreation, do their summer vacation research and homework, understand the work processes of the world and become better personalities. It is those who understand time management and keep a balance between the mind and the spirit, are able to succeed in life. They become leaders and lead people on the right path. They gain insight into the world.

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It is the duty of parents, teachers, and elders to help build these qualities within children so that they can become what they should. They should not turn into anti-social elements because of the constant burden by the society to excel and become perfect.

A child is the father of the man and everyone should learn from children. Summer Vacations help us to learn new things and students should not be stopped from doing that. It is beneficial for them and everyone should understand that.

Summer vacations should be extended from May- July since the temperature in Gurgaon rises every year owing to the high heat and humidity. It is difficult for the students to manage this and they need to take care of their health too. Chances of heat stroke and loo are very high and so everyone especially children of this age are advised to stay at their homes.

So schools should also understand this and follow the advice of making summer vacations longer and the curriculum less stringent so that it can be covered easily if the vacations are increased. This will be beneficial for everyone in the long run.

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