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The best way to be happy in this world is by remaining healthy. One needs to love oneself and take of oneself in order to remain both happy and healthy. By keeping our body and mind healthy, we can live a long and fulfilling life. With this concept, AdityaBirla Health Insurance is offering the Active health policy which gives a comfortable platform for people who lose out due to their health, thanks to a rigorous routine and pressure. Active health policy is not like other insurance plans.

This policy actually motivates you to stay fit by rewarding the policy holders with incentives in the form of health returns. The numbers of people who are conscious about their health are growing at a fast rate in India. This rising trend hasn’t just limited itself to healthy food but also has contributed to the rise of gyms. This may be because of the significant rise of heart ailments and cholesterol among the people. The other major cause of this may be obesity. The women of today are also becoming health conscious because of the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle.

AdityaBirla Insurance health policy comes at a great time fuelling the trend of a happy and healthy life. A policy holder can earn Active Dayz and will get rewarded with health returns. By following a fit and healthy lifestyle a policy holder can earn this Active Dayz. If you earn 13 Active Dayz a month, you will be rewarded with 30 percent of your annual policy premium back as health returns. These health returns can be reused for many purposes like buying medicine, paying for diagnostics tests, outpatient department expenses, as a fund for your health contingency and paying your next policy premium. Your health doesn’t always need a dedicated attention. Often a little step is enough to keep your health on the right track.

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Certain preparations are necessary to earn your Active Dayz if you are not habituated with the fitness programs. The following are a few steps in which you can get your health back on track with simple changes in your lifestyle. Avoid junk food at all cost and consume more home cooked food and mix it up with fresh fruits and vegetables to keep a happy and healthy life. Start the day with a small jog or any physical activity to build up your stamina to tackle the problems of the day. If you remain healthy you can easily move past most of your problems in your life.

You should definitely quit smoking, the harmful effect it brings to your health is uncountable and it effects your health in the worst way possible. An eight hour sleep is important if you need to stay and keep your body in a proper shape and maintain your BMI. Make a habit of including smaller meals in your diet even if they are multiples of them to make sure you getting enough Nutrients to keep your body healthy.

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