See How Instagram is changing the Traveling Experience

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We all are aware of the fact that Facebook has acquired Instagram a long time ago. Since then, it has been evolving. But the basic idea of the app, picture sharing platform, has been the same throughout its lifetime. What interesting thing we noticed after the invention of this app is that the tourism landscape has been altered altogether with people opting for places they would never have thought, clearing showing that we have clearly a nag for pictorial experiences.

See How Instagram is changing the Traveling Experience

Let me explain this point by giving a reference. In 2015, a small town Wanaka’s tourism board did an amazing thing which caused an increment in their tourism by 14%. They got successful in inviting all the social media influencer (Mostly Instagram influencers) to come to Wanaka and post their experiences and about their journey. What happened after that was truly amazing as their social media followers got to know about a new place to visit that eventually caused the tourism industry of Wanaka to grown exponentially with 14% increase.

According to the Instagram influencer Johan Lolo (@lebackpacker), “I guess following photographers on Instagram gives a more genuine expression than looking for inspiration in a tourism brochure”. He’s a paid tourism and brand photographer who happens to trade Instagram posts instead of money for experiences and accommodation wherever he goes.

Did you know that people get engaged with Instagram 10 times more than people interact with Facebooknow? That’s some effective marketing tool right there for people aspiring to become an influencer. Another power dynamic of this app can be understood via this reference. It’s an estimated guess that around 49 percent of brands exist in the U.S have their presence on Instagram. That simply shows the power of marketing and influences of Instagram on people.

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There’s a dark side to this influencer and Instagram’s effective on people is that followers, sometimes, go an extra mile to experience the places they see online. Unfortunately, these experiences might cost them a little too much. According to National Geographic report talking about Instagram experience, “Perhaps most tragic is when the desire to replicate an experience comes at an unfathomable cost. In 2015, a 24-year-old Australian student lost her footing and fell to her death while trying to re-create the iconic shot at Trolltunga. In 2014, a Polish couple crossed the safety barrier at Cabo da Roca, Portugal, to capture a selfie and tumbled off the cliff’s edge. Similar reports of tourists ignoring official signage and safety warnings have been reported in sites across the globe.”

If you are aspiring influencer or just started using Instagram and other social platforms, you must, now, be aware of the effectiveness and efficiency of the Instagram platform. Also, you, now, know the importance mentioned in the article as for how it actually affects the brands’ presence on social media, tourism industry, helps to earn by collaborating with brands and products and helps becoming an influencer.

Along with that, after reading the article if you read between the lines then you must be aware of another important thing which is the internet that is the backbone of all of the social media hub and communities. If you’ve been residing in the U.S, then you must have the know-how of the social media, TV shows, and movies’ frenzy fads and cult following going on nowadays. It’s important for you to have a strong internet connection at your place at any time to actually react instantly to your social media platforms. I’ve been using Xfinity bundle deals to deal with social media pages and Instagram accounts at any time of the day.

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