Self-Supporting Warehouse: Its Own Shelf Constitutes The Resistant Structure Of The Building

Self-Supporting Warehouse: Its Own Shelf Constitutes The Resistant Structure Of The Building

The self-supporting warehouses take advantage of the rigidity of the industrial shelves , eliminating all the peripheral structure of conventional warehouses, which is why they are integral storage and automation solutions in the movement of goods, which allows us to make the most of the surfaces. Today we will know a little more about the benefits of these great engineering works, which in addition to optimizing the available volume, allow to reach high storage heights.

Self-Supporting Warehouse: Its Own Shelf Constitutes The Resistant Structure Of The Building

At Kristar we have the experience and the first level tools to adapt and build warehouses that meet specific requirements, with heights of even more than 30 meters.

The self-supporting warehouses are large engineering works in which the shelves support the load for the roof and the facades, in addition to the merchandise, which allows us to maximize and automate the storage space at height, in addition to providing excellent adaptability in terms of spaces, loads and weights. If we had to mention the main virtue of self-supporting warehouses, without a doubt it would be the cost savings that allows us to install them, especially because if we compare it with the rest of alternative solutions executed in a traditional way, such as an industrial warehouse, we would have that add the cost of metal shelving solutions, which will be installed inside the ship itself.

Its structure of metal racks acts against the actions of meteorological forces, since the self-supporting warehouse is a system designed to support, in addition to the loading units, the enclosures, the wind, snow and earthquake actions corresponding to the location of the installation.

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They are characterized by being the most appropriate solution when storing at high altitude, but always with a supporting structure, with their respective components, such as: pillars, side walls, belts, trusses and an upper cover, on which they act the actions of meteorological forces, since it is their shelving that constitutes the resistant structure of the warehouse building.

All these forces are transmitted to the ground through the pillars, which require the construction of load-sharing shoes; On the other hand, it is key to build a slab that has sufficient capacity to support the weights of the handling equipment, as well as the stored products.

The self-supporting shelf itself works as a support for the enclosure, thanks to its composition based on Monterrey racks, but that is only one of its advantages. We share other benefits:

  • Maximum use of the space available in height: The height of these warehouses is limited only by local regulations or by the elevation height of forklifts or stacker cranes. You can build warehouses more than 30 meters high.
  • Possibility of storage of various kinds. Adaptable to spaces, loads and weights, since it offers the possibility of adapting it to different levels of automation.
  • Simplicity in construction. There is not a high concentration of loads, since the entire structure is mounted on a concrete slab, whose thickness is ideal to achieve a uniform distribution of force on the base of the floor.
  • Cost savings. As a general rule, the cost of a self-supporting warehouse is lower than the traditional one, plus the industrial shelves . We must know that the greater the height of the construction, the more cost-effective is the self-supporting system.
  • Control and security of the stored product, and without the need for civil works (as required when building an industrial warehouse), only requires the construction of the floor slab and in some cases a perimeter sealing wall, of between one and two meters height, in addition to allowing us to use different systems, such as conventional or automatic.
  • Easy disassembly The structure can be easily disassembled, which allows to recover a large percentage of the components, this is possible thanks to the fact that said structure is constituted by standard elements of assembled or bolted shelves.
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This type of self-supporting warehouses take advantage of the solidity of the shelves, thanks to the automatic system of handling loads (stacker cranes), which allow you to handle this volume of storage at a great height, since by means of an exclusive system of elevation and classification they provide to these warehouses a unique operation.

But to achieve this structural rigidity, the corridors must be transversely braced, and to that end both the external enclosures of the building and the supports of the rails, both lower and upper, are used, where the stacker cranes will have to move and support. In short, the self-supporting warehouse is the best solution to store at high altitudes, because the racks for warehouses form a compact group together with the covers and the sides of the warehouse.

In the market we find eight main types of shelves for the self-supporting warehouse and can be grouped in the following classification:

Shelving for light loads, shelving for compact palletizing, shelving for conventional palletizing, shelving for dynamic palletizing by gravity, shelving for preparation of manual orders, shelves for dynamic order picking, cantilever shelving, as well as self-supporting shelves, which make up warehouses and they are characterized by their solidity, being exclusively elaborated by shelves.

The self-supporting of Kristar have the ability to automate and maximize the storage space at height, excellent adaptability in terms of space, loads and weights. As one of the world leaders in global storage solutions, we have the means and experience to develop complex self-supporting installation projects, as our advanced calculation and design procedures allow us to respond to the requirements raised by our customers.

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