SEO Today: Modern Techniques that Work Well in 2018!

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“Successful SEO is not about tricking Google. It is about partnering with Google to provide the best search results for Google’s users.” -Phil Frost

According to Wendy Piersall, Google only loves you ONLY when everyone else loves you first.

In this regard, digital marketing agencies in the Philippines or elsewhere would make funneling more traffic to their respective clients’ websites a paramount consideration when it comes to creating their strategies for SEO and the like. More traffic from Google is always welcome right? After all, it is the surest and most guaranteed way for you to nab the top search result. However, while SEO is a necessary tool for generating more traffic, it continuously evolves each year—so much so that SEO specialists would need to adapt to contemporary techniques in order to keep up with the trends and stay relevant.

digital marketing agencies

Such as in the case today, with an influx of online mobile browsers recently, there is a resulting pressing need to optimize your websites for mobile users. Failing to adapt to modern SEO trends could potentially cause you to lose your leads and negatively impact your conversion rate. In any case, if you have been looking for SEO techniques you can take advantage of today, here are some of the best strategies that work in 2018:

  1. Optimize your site for Google RankBrain

Back then, Google announced their RankBrain algorithm which resultantly transformed the way SEO works—at least in Google. This is because the RankBrain was a huge game change as it was the very first machine learning algorithm. A huge feature of this update is it studies and measures how users interact with the results on the first page. As a result, Google would only rank those websites who can make Google user’s happier and more satisfied. While backlinks, keywords, and traditional signals still make up an integral part of SEO, RankBrain is heavily taking over.

  1. Discover untapped keywords on Reddit

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Who would have guessed that Reddit is actually a goldmine for untapped keywords? Well, if you have not heard of the website before then you might as well visit it now. Dubbed as “The Front Page of the Internet”, Reddit is an excellent website to look for potential keywords that might rank. Why? Reddit has communities for almost everything that the website is seemingly a dwelling ground for countless congregations. With this in mind, Reddit is actually a premier place for finding long tail keywords. To utilize the technique, all you need to do is head over to Reddit and find a subreddit (or a subcategory in layman’s terms) where you think your target audience hangs out. Head over there and scour the subreddit for things your prospective audience might be searching for.

  1. Update, Upgrade and Republish Old Blog Posts

You might be wondering how this works considering that to most, this would seem counterintuitive. But you would be surprised at how this could actually work wonders. Instead of writing new posts for articles, a better strategy would be to republish old content with added information that is still relevant to the topic. The added information could either be a modern discovery, technique or applicable news. So long as it contributes to the original topic, it should be fine. To ensure that your new content will get the traffic it deserves, promote it using the basic SEO strategies such as sending an email to your local audience or community as well as promoting it on social media.

  1. Copy Adwords Ads to Make a Killer Title and Description Tag

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Compelling titles and attractive description tags would always get more clicks in the SERPS. This is already a well-known SEO strategy. And of course, the more organic clicks you get, the higher your ranking would be for Google. However, how do you ensure that your link would be something your prospective audience would want to click on? Well, that is basically what your respective keywords’ Adwords ads are for. Adword ads (for competitive keywords at least) that you can readily see are the end result of hundreds and maybe even thousands of split tests. These ads would enable you to make a more magnetic title and description tags.

  1. Find Broken Link Building Opportunities on Wikipedia

If you wish to utilize this advanced SEO strategy, ensure that you already have the basics covered. If you are a novice at SEO, it might be best if you skipped this tip or disregarded it all together until you refine your technique. It has been known that broken link has always been a great technique. Not only is it powerful, it is also considered the white hat and scalable. Unfortunately, finding them can be a bit of a pain—until you discover Wikipedia’s editing system. Wikipedia’s editor does not directly delete dead links right away (but add a footnote next to it designating it as a dead link instead). As a result, you can take advantage of such link by linking it to your content that is relevant to the dead or broken link.

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