Serial Number of Motherboard: Uniqueness You Should Know

What motherboard do I have

It’s quite frequent that we ignore some key things that we should be aware of. Possibly, it’s for our idleness or less interest about the topic. But how many times do we need to know that ignored things? Several times! Most of the problems that raise for ignoring these things are gadget oriented. Just try and imagine, the supreme devices that give us ultimate pleasure every time can cause headaches. Understandable that we’re fond of those which is the main reason behind a headache. So, in that miserable condition, what kind of knowledge can ease your brain? It’s, of course, knowing the serial number of our damaged device.

What are Serial Numbers?

The uniqueness of these numbers is thereto separate identities of the same type of products. You can take the serial numbers and the model numbers as identical. But in reality, these two have a slight difference between them. The model numbers of two products can match, but the serial numbers are specified. By the serial numbers, you can easily isolate your device or any part of it. One can also be confused by merging its concept with UPCs. Despite being common, the UPC, ISSN and ISBN codes are not as distinctive as the serial numbers.

Motherboard Serial Numbers

If the processor is the brain of an electronic device, then the motherboard must be its grey matter. Being the main PCB in any system CPU, a system board helps it to communicate with the other functional parts. Motherboard literally works as the supreme component in any gadget by allowing many cards to customise its variety. Is that all for the baseboard to be the most crucial part? No, my friend! It controls all the exclusive features and secures the electricity (static/dynamic) connection by any means. So, it’s natural that this necessary board do need to have a unique identity. Here, the serial numbers of motherboard come to play. Every company that manufactures motherboard like Acer, Asus, Dell, Intel, etc., are very sensitive providing the serial numbers into their products. As an example, the serial number of a system board can be seen like this ‘63012T92900849.’ No other, I repeat, no other motherboard serial number can match this one.

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Reason for Knowing Motherboard Serial Number

As I’ve discussed previously, problems can arise anytime without warning and to communicate that with the manufacturing company through their website; you must know the unique identity number of your motherboard so that they can track it easily. On the flipside, you should know the serial number and model number to upgrade your installed drivers. Though it’s not frequent to buy a defected item and end up being a victim, the serial numbers can be essential in these cases too.

Process of Checking

You must be thinking why I haven’t mentioned the process of knowing the serial numbers yet. Don’t worry! I’ll clear all your queries. So, you can check the serial number of your motherboard by using command prompt, System information tool and an external software. Now, you can the steps or detailed method in Layer point.


Who wants to expend their money on some small worries, generated in their system? I bet, you also don’t want. Hence, all you need to do for that is to be aware of the unique numbers of your daily used devices.

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