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Two of the most popular hosting services available today are the shared hosting and the dedicated VPS. The latter is different from dedicated hosting, but is also quite similar in many ways.
Dedicated VPS Hosting
Dedicated VPS is the closest setup one can have to owning a dedicated server. In this setup, the users are allowed to provision a remote server over the Internet. It is a kind of virtualization that enables a non-dedicated server to act as if it was. Each virtualization has its own disk space, CPU allocation, bandwidth, memory and operating systems, all independent from other users.
Comparing These 2 Hosting
Essentially, shared hosting is a physical server whose resources are shared to multiple users. Many places sell unlimited resources to each user, but there is in fact a limit to the resources available. Also, the use of those resources is first come, first serve. For this reason, looking at the cost, shared hosting is much less expensive than dedicated VPS. Multiple users cover expenditures on each machine; hence, it becomes a more economical choice. Imagine buying a car that belongs only to you versus buying a car with 100 other people. The cost is high if you purchase alone and much lower if you purchase with other people. You may have unrestricted access (unlimited resources) both ways. But in reality, if someone else is using that resource, you cannot use it at the same time.
With this, the users do not have to conduct technical maintenance to keep their sites up and running. It is so because shared hosting providers take care of service maintenance and upkeep. On a shared environment, there is little to no ability to customize the server, so if you run special programs or things with special requirements, then this is not a good choice for you. There is also some security risk to being on a server with so many people. If one person is not secure and they are hacked, it can affect the available resources or even put your own content at risk. For dedicated VPS, you can get either managed or un-managed deals and decide how technical maintenance should be done.
In terms of cost effectiveness, there is no direct answer as to which is better when comparing shared hosting vs dedicated VPS. It is dependent on the needs to the person. True enough, shared hosting is cheaper. If you need very few resources, can share an environment with others (less secure), and do not need any customizations, then shared hosting can be a great deal. But for users needing a better array of resources at their disposal, dedicated VPS is very affordable and offers significant price savings from fully dedicated servers.
In terms of reliability, dedicated VPSs are more efficient and robust as they provide serious storage space – an affordable solution for disk intensive applications. Unlike in shared hosting, your disk space is not limited. With other VPS, you are guaranteed optimum and significantly better performance compared to shared hosting. Each has its own RAM, CPU, bandwidths and OS.
Which is better?
The answer to that question essentially relies on what your needs are. You need not pay for the more expensive rates of dedicated VPS if your site does not require so. If you are simply running a blog or a small leisure site for instance, shared hosting is a better choice. Just because in our comparison of shared hosting vs dedicated VPS the resources allocation can become a problem doesn’t mean you should not opt for it. Again, it all varies and relies on your needs.
Consider buying dedicated VPS if you have increased traffic and resource usage in your site. In a typical shared hosting vs dedicated VPS comparison, it is to be expected that in a shared setup, performance issues are more prominent. Therefore, if you are planning to expand your site, grow your features and are expecting a significant flow of visitors, opt for dedicated VPS.
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