Why Should Your Small Business Outsource IT Support?

IT support

In today’s digital world, any company that has the desire to remain competitive must have strong IT support. If you are planning your IT infrastructure, you may be tempted to think that maintaining an in-house IT department for all technical support and services is the way to go. However, the advantages of outsourcing can be considerable, if you have a small business or startup, you can cut costs with dedicated employees, if you are a growing average company in Dubai, you gain scalability with outsourcing IT support in Dubai.

In short, not unless you’re a big enough company. Internal support will ensure that you always have a person in charge of IT and who knows your company intimately. The internal teams work with you directly and know all the peculiarities and unique differences of your company.

In addition, internal teams are sometimes quicker to respond because they are in the same place where the problem is. However, there are many, many disadvantages associated with internal IT support, especially for small and medium businesses.

 1- Reduced costs

Having an IT team is essential, but the cost of your own team is not always possible. The truth is that only one assistant does not handle the errand, and to have a team with managers and specialists, it is necessary to invest in good salaries. In addition to payroll costs, labor charges and the like, you still need to be knowledgeable about hiring and keeping these employees on the team.

IT outsourcing has a much more affordable cost, since hiring, payments and charges are the responsibility of the contracted company. The client is only concerned with the execution of the service, and the work functions as if the team were its own.

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2- Control of services

A specialist IT outsourcing company, presents frequent reports of the services performed, the performances and the condition of the equipment (networks, hardware, software, telephony), which allows the managers and managers of the client’s company to have a control that is not always presented by employees themselves. The commitment of the professionals is the same, with participation in meetings, suggestions for improvements. In fact, the professional wears the shirt!

3- Return on Investment

In addition to reducing hiring costs and concerns, IT outsourcing presents long-term return on investment. One of the roles played by an outsourced IT team is to constantly evaluate the performance and consumption of equipment to suggest improvements and acquisitions that help the company achieve consumer savings and increased productivity that result in growth and profitability for the business.

4- Expert know-how

A company has different technologies and systems, produced by different brands and that need specific knowledge. Having a specialist for each IT segment is impractical for a company, but you can get a back-up of experts across multiple platforms by outsourcing IT.

5- IT outsourcing ensures quality

IT outsourcing encompasses the management of many vital business services such as e-mail, operating systems, backups, contingency, data security, among others. By guaranteeing the operation and continuity of these services, the company that outsources IT guarantees a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to reestablish the operation in the event of a failure, within a certain period a commitment that is not always assured by an IT team of its own. All the above advantages enable the company to achieve a greater good, which is to keep their efforts and teams directed to the company’s business.

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6- Availability

All outsourced IT companies seek to offer dedicated teams to assist you in the shortest possible time. No matter how incredible your internal team is , they will take a break for lunch, be on vacation or otherwise be unavailable at some point. Internal IT is prone to lengthy outages, while one of the advantages of outsourcing is guaranteed uptime.

7- Expertise

An internal IT team can know the pros and cons of your business. However, outsourced IT support companies are familiar with business technology like no other and can apply their vast experience immediately. By investing in a dependable third-party IT contract, you are actually hiring the collective technical expertise of many top-notch experts.

8- Profitability

Internal teams may seem cheap at first, but if you take into account salaries, hardware expenses, software licenses, subscriptions to cloud computing and backup services, and maintenance costs, then outsourced solutions begin to appear increasingly attractive. Price is not the main advantage of outsourcing, but it can be a deciding factor, especially if you are starting your business and have a tight budget. A small internal IT team can cost your company a sizable chunk of your annual budget.

9- Safety

Unless your in-house team specializes in IT security, your efforts, sooner or later, put your company’s confidential data at risk. Outsourced IT services specialize in protecting against digital threats such as hacker’s attacks. By keeping up with the most advanced security tools and methods, IT infrastructure and support companies can protect their digital assets with greater reliability. Safety is another aspect of cost-effectiveness. Your company needs the infrastructure to ensure proper security compliance. Investing in cyber security reduces the risks associated with data breaches, which can be extremely exorbitant.

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Outsourcing IT support is, in simple terms, shifting IT service and quality concerns into the hands of a specialized company. In other words, the small business owner meets their needs without having to purchase equipment and tools or direct hiring of specialized services and professionals, which would usually cost a lot of money. Having a complete IT department can cost a lot of money for a small company, as it requires the hiring of specialized professionals, acquisition and maintenance of hardware and software, etc. By outsourcing, you can balance the needs and costs to meet them with the available budget.

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Abigail Caleb is a technical content write and currently working for UDK Solution, which provide IT support in Dubai. She loves to learn and share technical news and updates.

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