Solar Water Guide: Simple Ways To Pick the Right Solar Water Heater for Your Home

We cannot deny the fact that when it comes to heating up our water, it takes up a huge amount of energy consumption for every average homeowner. After all, using hot water has already become a necessity and our constant daily need in our home. We all need it for baths, laundry, showers, and washing our dishes.

Most water heating systems are more useful and energy efficient than the others. Like a tankless water heater, it can cut back your energy consumption more than a traditional tank model. There is also another method that can help you to heat up your water efficiently, and that is through a solar system.

Solar Water Guide: Simple Ways To Pick the Right Solar Water Heater for Your Home

What Is Solar Water Heater?

This technology caters a radiant heat that comes from the sun, which is limitless, free and discharges no greenhouse gases when it is already converted into energy. Lots of people don’t agree and are reluctant to install a solar water heater for some reasons. Without understanding the things that they can do by using a solar system.

Choosing a Solar Water Heater

If you are trying to look for a solar water heater on the market, the first thing that you need to do is to do some research and try to shop around for you to find the right system and product for your home.

When you are trying to evaluate your options, it is very important for you to have a clear idea of the things and the system that you need buy. Before choosing the right solar water heater for your home, don’t forget to consider your climate zone, lifestyle, and your budget.

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Determine Your Budget

Solar water heater does not have to be too expensive. Compared to a photovoltaic array, solar heaters have a faster return on your investment and is more affordable. With just a few hundred dollars, you can now build your Solar Hot Water system.

Before going to the store, always be sure that you get the exact estimation of your budget and check your housing code officials for you to make sure that you won’t have any additional costs within the installation.

Solar Water Heating System Comparison

If you’re already satisfied with all the information above, in this section, we will try to provide you a concise and simple guide to choose the right water heating system.

  • If your place has a warm climate and you also have too many family members that are living in your household, a direct water heater system would be the best option that you can consider because of its cost and efficiency.
  • If the water consumption of your home is higher during the morning, it is because of your shower usage. You should always choose an active water heater that has a drain-back system for you to make sure that your water is always kept in a warm condition during at night.
  • If you are in a place that is too hot and doesn’t want to spend money and time on maintenance, a passive system would be your best option.
  • If you also live in a place with a moderate climate and doesn’t have any budget, you can always choose a thermosyphon system.
  • If you live in a place with cold weather, an indirect system would be suitable for you because the heat-transfer will allow the operation in a wider range of temperatures.
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As years pass by, consumer demand is extremely soaring, the costs of fuel tend to become higher, and some technological needs are rapidly changing. With all of these situations that are happening, our environment and our natural resources, is becoming unpleasant for the future generations.

Buildings and structures are everywhere. Most forests are already wiped out just to build roads and many other things for commercial purposes. By this little effort of using a solar system, we extend our help to our Mother Nature. You must forget that solar energy is always free and abundant, so why not maximize its usage and utilize it in our own homes.

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