Startling Benefits Offered By Effective HIIT Workouts

Try HIIT Workouts- The New Exercise Trend In The Fitness Industry

These days the concept of High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT for short, is gaining high popularity among the fitness enthusiasts. This technique of working out can possibly enable a person to get in shape quicker than any other type of exercise. This practice is certainly not new to the field of sports, and has recently caught the attention of people who want to reach their fitness goals fast.

Try HIIT Workouts- The New Exercise Trend In The Fitness Industry

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. It is basically a strategy for working out in which you perform high power intense training in place of low power simple exercises. Such kind of training ordinarily includes a little period of rest in the middle of sets, and you are frequently exercising at a higher level from normal, regardless of whether it is lifting more weight than you are typically familiar with, or running harder.

The best feature of HIIT is that in spite of the fact that the exercise is performed at a high intensity; you are actually working out for less time, and burning a bigger number of calories than you would normally do exercising at a lower intensity level for a long time. A typical case of HIIT is running at a high speed for around 30 seconds, and then walking for the next 1 minute. Exercising in this manner has been deductively demonstrated to melt more fat and build more muscle considerably quickly than low intensity cardio workouts.

Including HIIT in your exercise schedule is definitely the best method to exercise. HIIT workouts do not only help you lose weight fast, but are also known to improve digestion, enhance stamina, boost general wellbeing levels, and increase insulin sensitivity in the body incredibly. Additionally, one of the most striking benefits of adopting HIIT is its remarkable after-effect, which is called EPOC- Excess Post exercise Oxygen Consumption. Due to this effect your body keeps on burning calories for up to 24 hours even after finishing the exercise. This powerful effect can only be accomplished through HIIT, and not through any kind of low intensity workout.

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Try HIIT Workouts- The New Exercise Trend In The Fitness Industry

You can include HIIT into your exercise routine in numerous ways; it all relies upon the objective you are attempting to accomplish. If your sole aim is to lose weight fast, then high intensity running for 3 to 4 times a week would be enough to get you closer to your goal. You should keep in mind that although HIIT is the best method to burn fat and build muscle, it will not work if do not furnish your body with the right kind of nutrient-rich diet. Consuming a balanced diet is highly important while performing such demanding exercises.

A few of the amazing benefits offered by HIIT workouts are highlighted below:

  1. Burning a higher number of calories: HIIT is one of the most marvellous techniques to shed pounds fast. A 25 minute session of high intensity interval workout is believed to burn 500 calories while the general cardio exercises burn less than 500 calories when done for one hour. Plus, the EPOC effect of HIIT workouts enables you to burn a significant number of calories even while you are resting.
  2. Improved cardio fitness level: Because of its power, HIIT workouts work extraordinarily to enhance your cardiovascular wellness. Only a couple of HIIT sessions every week are enough to enable your body to process oxygen all the more proficiently and lift your vitality levels, stamina and performance.
  3. High fat burning: HIIT is undeniably one of the best activities for efficient burning of fat. Most sorts of cardio exercises burn body fat and also reduce your muscle mass. However, HIIT exercises burn a considerably higher amount of fat to muscle as contrasted with standard cardio. This can enable you to accomplish a much lower muscle to fat ratio.
  4. Enhanced production of HGH: HGH basically stands for Human Growth Hormone, which is known to invigorate muscle development and fat burning in the body. It is also known to diminish the noticeable indications of growing age. It has been established through research that HIIT exercises increase the production of HGH in the body by as much as 450%.
  5. Exercise time is never a boring affair: HIIT workouts are full of excitement and challenges. The short, extreme nature of such exercises ensures that the workout time always remains interesting and stimulating. Also, since there are different types of exercises that can be included in HIIT, each session can offer something new.
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Once you are aware about the right approach to perform HIIT exercises, these can be easily performed at home without any professional help. There are many at-home HIIT training lessons that you can use to help you design an effective HIIT program to be executed safely at home!

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