Staying Up To Date With Google’s Algorithm Changes

Google keeps updating its algorithm

Every digital marketer knows how Google keeps updating its algorithm occasionally to serve its users. Google wants to give the best experience to all of its users and hence every algorithm hits every website positively or negatively. There are 200 factors that Google’s algorithm takes into consideration while ranking websites. These factors are not known to everybody so it is not possible to keep up with them after each update. However, there are ways that can help you keep your ranking away from fluctuating a lot. All you need to do is develop and keep your SEO strategy in-line with Google’s basic expectations. Here are a few points that you need to consider:

  1. Maintain quality: Content is the king and will always be. Google has always placed a website with good quality content over any other factor. Today, each of its algorithms updates focuses on giving priority to well-researched, relevant, and in-depth content. Never compromise on quality content over the look of your website.
  2. Get on the mobile: Since people are now using internet on mobile like never before, Google now ranks mobile-friendly websites higher. Make sure your website works fine on every device to be visible to all potential visitors.
  3. Do not over-advertise: Google doesn’t like websites that have lesser content and more ads on the web pages. Lesser ads indicate a good user experience and Google understands that well. Use subtle ways of advertising like textual ads over banners or pop-up ads.
  4. Use other mediums for website traffic: While we know that ranking on Google’s first page is every marketer’s dream, we advise focusing on other mediums like social media, blogs, email marketing campaigns, discussion forums to drive traffic to your website. This will reduce the dependency of your website on Google and every update will have a minimum effect on your website traffic.
  5. Improve your bounce rate: Well everyone prefers ten visitors viewing one page each over one visitor viewing ten pages. When you reduce the bounce rate, you are working towards this goal. Publish the best content on your website that you would want to read yourself to increase the average time spent on the website.
  6. Take the advantage of Google+: Google+ comes with its own set of advantages. We know that it is not the best social media platform out there, it can definitely help you rank higher on search results page.
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