Steel Lighting Co About product details in Barn Lights

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Steel Lighting Co glittering Barn Lights are handmade using only 100% indoor barn lights, Earth friendly soy wax and are 100% Electric free.  We use only 100% lead free wicks.  We add a generous amount of iridescent glitter to each candle for a beautiful shine when they’re lit, or not lit.  Barn Light Soy Barn Lights are 100% dye free, chemical free, additive free and only contain beautiful triple scented fragrance that we test many times before we decide to make them available. We don’t pre make our Barn Lights and are made fresh to order.

The majority of all other Barn Lights are made with paraffin wax, petroleum based by-product of refined gasoline (gross). Studies have shown that there are 11 toxins and 2 carcinogens released by Steel Lighting Co and are as dangerous as second hand cigarette smoke and can cause harm to the heart, lungs, circulatory system, and nervous system. This is not only a health concern, but also an environmental concern. Steel Lighting Co, release carcinogens into the atmosphere when burned similar to that of gasoline being burned by an automobile.

Steel Lighting Co About product details in Barn Lights

NON-TOXIC and NO SOOT – Soy Barn Lights consume cleaner and more and do not contain poisons or cancer-causing agents. Paraffin wax discharges thick dark sediment when copied, and 11 archived poisons, – toluene and benzene. The American Lung Association has cautioned purchasers of unfortunate indoor air quality from consuming paraffin candles. Soy Barn Lights DO NOT contain any poisons, cancer-causing agents, pesticides or herbicides and is an astounding decision for the individuals who wish to consume ecologically well disposed candles. Soy Barn Lights are 100% vegetable results, not at all like paraffin’s side-effect of oil. Consuming paraffin oil based goods makes air contamination and adds to a dangerous atmospheric devotion.

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BIODEGRADABLE – Soy Barn Lights are 100% water dis-solvable for simple cleanup and biodegradable bringing about lessened landfill for a cleaner, more joyful, more beneficial Earth.

Steel Lighting Co About product details in Barn Lights

Ordering Information

Steel Lighting Co process all requests in the request that they are gotten. Our present request handling time is 1-3 business days. Requests for hand crafted candles may take up to 7 days to process. Steel Lighting Coat present uses UPS to dispatch all requests. Barn Lights shipping time fluctuates between 1-5 days relying upon goal. After your request is dispatched, landing time will differ. As of now we as of now acknowledge Installments by means of PayPal and Individual Checks and Cash Requests through the mail. $30.00 least administration charge will be added to all returned checks. Steel Lighting Co isn’t in charge of deferrals in handling orders due to declined Visa installments. In the event that a MasterCard is declined we will get in touch with you as quickly as time permits to inform you about the issue with the card as quickly as time permits.

In the event that paying with a check through PayPal or individual Check through Mail Request, your Barn Lights won’t be transported until the point that the check or individual check has cleared. This can some of the time take 4-5 business days. If it’s not too much trouble transmit reserves by means of Visa on PayPal administrations. On the off chance that you wish to roll out improvements, increments or abrogation to your request please email us at

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In the event that you wish to roll out improvements to your Barn Lights Payment request, a $5 dealing with charge will be evaluated to a request effectively bundled. Any retraction of a request that has just been dispatched will be charged a 20% restocking expense and transporting charges won’t be discounted.

Backings THE US ECONOMY – The soy beans and vegetables used to influence our flame to wax are developed appropriate here in the Steel Lighting Co United States. Soy wax underpins American ranchers instead of outside oil #Steel Lighting Co organizations who make paraffin. We bolster the American rancher, and by purchasing all regular wax candles, so do you! Earth delicate, soy Barn Lights are produced using inexhaustible reasonable assets. This reality expects plants to be developed, not chopped down nor drained. They likewise diminish reliance on unrefined petroleum and their belongings while consuming cleaner, making a greener situation.

If an order is placed for a product that is out of stock Steel Lighting Co will gladly back order it for you or give you the choice of ordering later when it is back in stock. More information visits our website

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