The Story of Patterns – How to Get It Right for Your Home Decor

pattern of wallpaper for Adelaide home

Planning the interior decoration is often a dream for many. This is something that almost all homeowners enjoy to do, right? Being an interior designer, I have hardly found a client who said, “Do whatever you want to do, anything will suit me.” Of course, everyone has a preference when it comes to choosing the décor of their home. After all, this is your own personal space that you will want to design in a way so that reflects your personal choices as well as your personality. So, when you are selecting the wallpapers for your wall décor, it won’t be an easy decision. Obviously, you have to take care of various factors like your choices, functionality, design of the home and its specific architectural features, the mood and setting of the whole décor and so on. But most importantly when you are thinking of choosing the right pattern that will perfectly adorn your walls, you have to be very careful.

pattern of wallpaper for Adelaide home

When it comes to the patterns on wallpapers, there are various styles available in the market. You might think that you just need to match the hues for selecting one. However, it is much more than that. You have to be methodical as well as creative while choosing the right pattern of wallpaper for Adelaide home. Take a look at the following points to get inspired.

Takings Snaps for Inspiration

You might drop in by a café and the wallpaper there can blow your mind. Or maybe, you are leafing through a magazine and an image of wallpaper can just win your heart. So, whenever you find such inspirations around you, don’t forget to take snapshots. Yes, you have to start doing this much before you actually embark on the quest of choosing wallpaper for your home. When you will be finally selecting the right one, these snaps will help you understand what you are looking for.

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Go By Your Natural Style

Maybe you are a lover of all things traditional. Or you are thinking of bringing in the modern, contemporary vibe with the wall décor. No matter what your style is, don’t force yourself to follow the trends just for the sake of it. Go by your nature. After all, this is your own home and you have to live with what you choose. If you are selecting something which is not you in charm and character, then your eyes will never be able to adjust to it. And frankly, the décor has a deep impact on your mood and emotions. Forcing something different in the décor will mean you will wake up in a bad mood every day. So, go for something that speaks of your taste and sensibilities.

Choosing the Right Space

In the case of choosing a pattern, it is necessary for you to know which space you are going to install the wallpaper. The biggest risk with the patterned wallpaper is that it might contribute to visual clutter if you don’t choose a proper space or wall for it. For example, if you are choosing patterned wallpaper for your room and planning to use some other focal point on the same wall, like a mirror or an art piece, then it will make the whole décor look much cluttered and all of these décor items will fail to serve the right purpose. So, it will be wiser if you choose the wall first and then choose the wallpaper.

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Get Samples and Live With It

Once you choose a few wallpaper designs, you can think of getting some samples from the professionals and start living with it. Get them installed around you and get accustomed visually first. Now, reflect on the choice and understand which one of these you like the most and how it is affecting your mood. Then, finally, you can decide what you want for your home walls.

So, now as you know about these steps, follow them while choosing the patterns for your wall. Let your home become an extension of your personality like never before.

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