Straight Chilling with RAW Cones: A Stoner’s Guide

RAW pre rolled cones

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Dude, have you noticed that more peeps are chillin’ with Mary Jane these days? Yeah, man, about 24 million Americans are now partaking of the good green, and it’s got the industry in a whirl. With more states joining the high club and legalizing weed, it’s a wild ride for the producers and cultivators trying to keep up.

But don’t freak out, man! RAW cones are here to light the way. Here’s the 420 on why these cones are a total trip for helping you stay groovy in this growing cannabis scene.

What’s Up With RAW Pre Rolled Cones?

Back in the day, we would roll our own joints with rolling papers, man. It was cool, got us high as a kite in no time. But for the big players wanting to spread the love in bulk, rolling each joint by hand is like trying to surf without a board. They needed something more far-out.

That’s where RAW pre rolled cones come in. It’s like the future, dude! They’ve done the rolling for you. All you have to do is pack the flower into the cone, close it off, and you’re ready to fly. No time wasted.

Why Are These Cones Like a Rainbow for Producers?

Think about it, man. Rolling a joint by hand? That’s minutes of your life. But packing a RAW cone? Seconds, bro, just seconds. It’s like magic. You can roll more, pack more, and ship more, faster than ever before.

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And guess what else? With RAW pre rolled cones, you’re not just faster – you’re more consistent. No more worries about your joints looking like they’ve had a rough night. Each one is a perfect, uniform masterpiece. It’s like, quality and speed all wrapped up in one.

Why Are RAW Cones the Top Shelf of Rolling Papers?

Dude, RAW is the real deal. They’re like the Bob Marley of rolling papers – everyone knows ’em, and everyone loves ’em. With millions of followers on social media, they’re like the rock stars of the cannabis world. They hold a massive 12.7% of the cannabis market share, up from 7.9% in 2018. That’s some serious growth, man.

Plus, with Green Blazer, an authorized RAW cone distributor, you’re always covered. They’ll make sure you’re 100% satisfied, replacing anything that’s not up to par or refunding your dough. It’s like having your own personal cannabis guardian angel, man.

Variety is the Spice of Life, Dude

RAW pre rolled cones come in all shapes and sizes, like the colors of a rainbow, man. You’ve got ultra-thin papers for those who like a quick burn, and thicker ones for the old-school tokers. They’ve even got 100% hemp cones for the earth-loving hippies out there.

And the sizes, bro! You can go small with 3″ cones or go big with the 4.5″ king-size that holds 1.25 grams of flower. Feeling adventurous? They’ve got a 6″ peacemaker that holds a whopping 2.25 grams. It’s like the party bus of pre rolled cones.

All About the Easy Access, Man

Buying RAW cones is as chill as a Sunday afternoon. You can grab them online, and they’ll be at your door faster than you can say “pass the dutch”. And they’re not just for the big players. Whether you’re a solo toker or a wholesale distributor, RAW’s got you covered.

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And speaking of distributors, Green Blazer is the ultimate hook-up for RAW cones, man. They are in INC 5000 award winning company versus most of the two-bit hustlers you typically deal with in the industry. Their pricing is standardized as well, so none of this price jacking up when everyone else is out of stock of RAW. They crush. So blaze with them. Peace.

Light Up with Premium Cannabis Products Today

Man, why stress over rolling when RAW pre rolled cones have you covered? They’re fast, they’re consistent, and they make rolling as easy as pie. And when you partner with Green Blazer, the best wholesaler of RAW cones, you’re always in good hands.

So don’t be a stick in the mud, embrace the future with RAW cones, and keep the good vibes flowing. Peace out!

Green Blazer is a certified RAWthentic pre rolled cones distributor. They are a homegrown Las Vegas small business cultivating community and culture one cone at a time. 

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