Successful Fitness Regiments Start with Sleep

If you’re anything like us, we started the New Year with a fool proof plan to get our bodies into top physical shape. Dates are already being X’d off on the calendar for some select triathlons and races we’ve had on the bucket list for some time. Outside of the occasional pizza and ice cream binge on the weekend with the kids, we’ve been sticking to our diet plan. However, the fitness routine doesn’t easily adapt to swim practice, birthday parties, work travel, and everything else life throws at us. No matter what happens during the day, the sleep quality we get the night before will ultimately dictate how efficient our workouts are when we can fit them in.

Healthy sleeping

A recent study by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine suggests that night owls are more sedentary and feel that they have a harder time maintaining a consistent exercise schedule. This was a tough one for us as the night became our respite from the challenges of the day. Netflix on the couch or a book in bed easily fast forwarded the clock to 11:00 pm or Midnight. We justify this thinking we can always make up the sleep we lost or power through it the following day.

While our choice of staying up late ultimately hindered our fitness goals, this was something that was completely in our control to change. For some, this choice doesn’t exist. A recent study found that people with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) already experience difficulty in getting a good night’s rest, but they may also tend to take in less oxygen during waking activities such as exercise. Unless the disease is diagnosed and treated individuals with sleep apnea are operating at a severe disadvantage compared to others with similar fitness goals or training regiments.

If you think you may be suffering from sleep apnea, or any other sleep disorder, it’s recommended you consult with a sleep specialist and schedule a sleep study at your earliest convenience. Sleep disorders require a professional diagnosis with a treatment plan from a sleep professional. With proper treatment, the improvement you’ll see in your training will be substantial.

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