5 Summer Toys to Start Saving Up For Now

Fishing Boat Summer Toys

The leaves may be turning colors and the days are clearly getting shorter, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still talk about summer fun! In fact, the fall and early winter are great times to reflect on the summer just past and think about ways to make next year even better.

Summer isn’t just a time for kids to have fun. Although most adults still have to go to work and their daily schedule may not be different, there’s something about summer and the idea of being outdoors that can still bring out the kid in all of us.

Activities can be expensive, though, which means deciding which ones to invest in can be a tough task. But not everything is as expensive as you might assume, and certain activities can be modified.

Fishing Boat, Even if Not Fishing

Getting a boat usually entails some high up-front costs, but if you store it at home and not at a boat dock, the cost can be well worth it. This is especially true with a fishing boat.

Fishing boats can serve a lot of the same purposes as any other boat. With the right electric boat motor, seating, space, and add-ons, a fishing boat can do just about everything that any other boat does, aside from achieving high speeds for water sports.

Getting out on the lake, swimming, relaxing, and doing other activities can be the same, for a fraction of the cost of a typical boat.

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You’ve heard of snowboarding, but have you heard of sandboarding? This is a new and trending recreational activity that can provide the same thrill as snowboarding without the snow.

Sandboarding can be pursued either with a manufactured snowboard or an old skateboard without wheels. The activity is self-explanatory: You climb to the top of a sand dune and then ride down in a fashion that’s similar to going down a ski slope.

This sport has become increasingly popular because you may engage in it year round and it doesn’t have the negative aspects of wet snow and the cold.

Extreme Laser Tag

As adults we may not admit it, but the idea of going into the woods and playing war or capture the flag can still be a thrilling notion. Laser tag may not involve the same satisfaction as paintball or air-soft, the cleanliness, cost, and ease of play is significantly better since the other two options require money to buy ammo and permission to use a space (often with a huge mess to clean up).

Extreme laser tag is different from traditional laser tag in that the guns have a strong range and can be employed anywhere. This includes going out on a camping trip and playing in an area where even cell phone reception is unavailable.

This is a fun option that’s great for families or groups who aren’t afraid to admit they can still enjoy a game like this.

Ultimate Frisbee 

Ultimate frisbee is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world. It’s even shown on live television at times, on major networks like ESPN2 and CBS Sports Network.

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The only issue with this sport is that it takes a good-sized group to get a game going. What doesn’t take a huge group is the frisbee.

Frisbees are an excellent way to have fun during the summer for several reasons. First, it doesn’t take much practice to get a decent throw.

Second, because of the frisbee’s shape and weight, it can be taken just about anywhere without posing concerns about transport and space. Finally, whether you play with only one other person, or can put together a large-enough group to play ultimate, a frisbee offers a quick and easy way to entertain yourself and others.


Camping is a form of recreation a lot of people pretend they love, but in reality they don’t know that much about. In fact, many people admit they haven’t camped once in the last ten years.

From a price standpoint, camping may appear to be an expensive undertaking but, like a boat, it mainly consists of a pile of up-front costs. Once the tent has been purchased, though, it can be used dozens of times. The same goes for sleeping bags, cots, fire supplies, and entertainment.

Camping is also a great way to bond with others and engage in deep conversations around a fire. There are sites all over the U.S. and the world where you can camp for free, and even when that’s not an option, it often doesn’t cost more than a few dollars per person.

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