Summer vacation in Hvar

Summer vacation in Hvar

The little island of Hvar is by no means little as evidenced by the number of significant people to have graced its shores namely George Clooney, Beyonce and Prince Harry just to name a few. If you aim to follow in their footsteps to discover what treasures this intriguing place holds, here’s a complete guide of one of Croatia’s most popular islands.

Summer vacation in Hvar

Accommodation and food expenses

There are certainly no shortages of hotel services on Hvar as the island has an abundance of sheltering facilities for all depths of pockets. The accommodation costs for a bed and breakfast range all the way from 50 to 200 euro depending on the nature of the establishment and proximity to the stunning coastline. Food, on the other hand, is also a relatively affordable affair as for just eight euro you can have a nice plate of light lunch. You’ll pay a little more for supper with expenses varying between the aforementioned sum and 35 euros kunas depending on the type of meal you order.

Hvar, and Croatia in general, is known for its exquisite cuisine that boasts an immense diversity of all sorts of foods so you are certain to fall in love with the diet there. Currency-wise, Euros will do because Croatia is a member of the EU. So while the country majorly transacts in the native currency called kuna, the EU’s standard currency is accepted in Hvar.

Summer vacation in Hvar

Where to go

Once you’ve got a roof over your head and are satisfied with your menu, it’s now time to unravel the mysteries the island holds. So here’s a list of some of those must-visit places that are sure to take your breath away.

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1) Conquer the Pakleni islands

Arguably the most popular attraction of Hvar, these islands are a marvel to watch. You can sail the beautiful clear waters while discovering gorgeous lagoons and caves as well as participating in one of the many adrenaline-packed water sports that Hvar has to offer.

2) Get lost in the stunning lavender fields

On the outskirts of Hvar town, the winsome city of Velo Grablje is the place to be as it’s situated right at the heart of overflowing fields of beautiful aromatic lavenders. This unbridled scenery is especially a joy to watch during the summer when the plants reach the full potential of their vibrant aesthetics.

3) Party at Carpe Diem

If you live for music and parties are your drugs, then Carpe Diem is the right place for your daily dose of non-stop scintillating fun. This part of the island never sleeps as it is buzzing with night parties electrified by international DJs and native talents. Whether you fancy a sunset dance, a midday let loose or an evening get down, you’ll find whatever thrill you’re looking for in Carpe Diem.

4) Unlock Croatian history at Stari Grad

Stari Grad is home to the Tvrdalj and holds important tales of the Croatian renaissance particularly tales about the gruesome Battle of Lepanto. Aside from that, it is a beautiful place to visit as it boasts a set of remarkable 15th-century structural design work.

5) Tour the beguiling south coast

Mekicevica bay is a popular tourist stop on this part of Hvar as the white-stoned haven is a jewel to behold. Sveta Nedjelja, Dubovica and Zavala are other noteworthy destinations albeit they are much calmer and reserved hence afford a great place to relax away from the company of crowds.

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Hvar is an amazing place to explore as it has an abundance of vintage structures, alluring beaches and enthralling pastimes. Furthermore, Hvar town has a well-developed transport system that makes moving about convenient and it is one of the most exotic tourist destinations not only in Croatia but in the world at large.

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