Super foods which helps in improving fertility health

Super foods which helps in improving fertility health

Food is the best medicine and what we eat defines us. This is the most important reason why choosing the right kind of food is very important. Food is the source of energy and the reason why we feel bad and worse. The energy that is released when our food is broken down into energy in our digestive system is observed by different parts of the body and is used for its activities. Here we will be discussing the most common and useful foods which when included in your diet will help in boosting your fertility health and also in curing infertility to a certain extent and beyond that you will have to visit your nearby fertility clinic in Bangalore or any other city you belong to.

Super foods which helps in improving fertility health

  1. Seaweed is very prevalent and is common available all over. Seaweeds contain rich minerals like calcium, copper, iodine and iron. The protein and fibre rich seaweeds release a lot of vitamin k and folic acid which will help to boost your reproductive health. Seaweed is very low in calories and fat and hence is a perfect add-on to your breakfast. The soluble fibres will help in easy digestion too. Seaweed also offer superior hydration which is very good for your skin. It also aids in weight loss due to the low calorie and fat content. Obesity is a big enemy of fertility. Seaweeds helps in keeping your infertility at check.
  2. Fish is always the superior non vegetarian item with respect to health benefits. Salmon fish to be very specific is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. These fatty acids will release vitamin B-12 will help in regulating the blood flow in the body which is very essential for the proper functioning of the reproductive organs.
  3. Figs have a lot of impressive health benefits and treating infertility is one of them. Figs contain the most essential minerals like magnesium, manganese and calcium which will help in controlling the blood pressure and low the blood cholesterol. This will also help in improved digestion.
  4. Oysters is a wonderful source of zinc which is responsible for promoting healthy eggs for the female reproductive system. It is also said to increase the libido levels and thus promoting fertility.
  5. Berries are good at promoting and protecting eggs from damage and aging as there is plenty of anti-oxidants present. Strawberries are also known in promoting libido levels in women.
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Super foods which helps in improving fertility health

If you are trying for conception for a long time then it is very important to understand the reason behind your infertility. Fertility treatment in Gurgaon or any other city is the best option for you.

  1.  Vitamin D helps in improving fertility in both the partners. It plays an important part in treating fertility impairments like uterine fibroid and PCOS, and improves semen parameters in men.
  2. The antioxidants in pomegranate juice may improve sperm quality and testosterone levels.
  3. The selenium in these nuts can help increase sperm count, sperm shape and sperm motility.

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