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Replacing your old android phone with a new one? We know what a happy feeling that is. But then because there is no such thing as absolute happiness, getting a new phone corresponds to the pain of faultlessly securing your data, backing up stuff that matter, leaving the phone spotless in terms of personal data and much more. Although there are mobile app development companies in India as well as around the world that can assist you with transferring data between phones, there are still many other things you have to take care of. And eventually, it all becomes so confusing that we often miss some or the other thing in the process, which we regret later.

But what if you had a guide that provides you with a step-by-step process for moving data, guaranteeing no loss in the process? Well, there is, and here it goes:

Step 1: Backup your Contacts

In order to avoid collecting contacts all over again, backup your contacts using the built-in backup feature in the default contacts app. With contacts app, you can create a ‘.vcf’ file that can be locally stored or manually uploaded to your Google account. Another way to synchronize your contacts with your Google account is by going to Settings > Accounts > Google > Select Account > Sync Contacts. Choosing this pathway would get your contacts uploaded directly to your Google account/Google Drive.

Step 2: Manual Data Transfer

Although there are various apps that can help you with moving your data, we should manually move the important data to double check if it has successfully been moved or not. To perform the manual transfer, you need a file manager app that you can easily find on Play Store. Access your internal storage using file manager, copy paste it to your SD card. If your phone doesn’t support SD cards, you can simply transfer all the data to your computer. Don’t forget to copy your ‘Download’ and ‘WhatsApp’ folder.

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Step 3: Move your Notes

If you have created text notes on your phone, now might be a good time to back them up. Most of the app development companies have built-in synchronization or backup feature, with which one can directly upload their important notes to the cloud server. Thanks to some genius android app developers and their unique ideas, apps like Evernote, Notes etc., are integrated with our Gmail IDs. So all you have to do is find and tap synchronize or backup button in order to send them to the server. In your new phone, simply download these apps, and synchronize again to have your notes back. In case of apps that store notes locally, you can use the share feature to send that data to Evernote.

Step 4: Backup apps

To move the app data and other intricate files that you wouldn’t find easily through file manager apps, there are Backup apps which can be used for fast and automated transferring. The good thing about these apps is that you won’t have select any data manually to send them to the server. Just select from among categories such as such as app data, contacts, media files etc., to seal the deal.

Step 5: Factory Reset

You don’t want anyone to scan your phone to recover your personal files, in case you sold the phone. To make sure your data is completely wiped out from your phone’s hard disk, use the factory reset feature, which you can find in the Settings. If you want to have more options in that, there is a long list of app development companies that have built apps exclusively for this purpose. Whichever method you go for, don’t forget to eject your SD card before proceeding with the factory reset as sometimes, some bugs have been reported by users across the world that wiped out their SD card data as well, without their permission.

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Upon completing these steps, you can be truly free to enjoy your new phone and quit worrying about the old one. To get all your files back, you can simply copy paste your data from sources where you saved it. For data such as contacts, photos stored on Google Drive etc., simply synchronize your Gmail account to get them back.

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