Swivel Promotional USB Drives: Why They’re Still Popular Today

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When it comes to Promotional USB Drives, there are various types and designs that you could choose from at saveonpromotions.com. Swivel USB is known to be one of the first types or models of flash drives and it is still a very popular USB model up to this day. USB drives are used by more and more people because it has more capacity than the older portable storage drives such as CDs and floppy disks. Aside from that, it’s more convenient to carry and use and more stylish. So why is it that there are still a lot of people who buy and use Promotional Swivel USB drives? Well, here are several of its benefits which are probably the reasons why.

  1. Protective Design – The design of this type of USB provides protection to the memory chip to prevent it from getting damaged. When this storage tool is not used, you can easily twist it inside the protective cover. Unlike other USBs such as those that have caps, the protective cover of this USB is attached to the body itself to avoid it from getting lost.


  1. Excellent Way of Promotion – A Promotional Swivel USB drive with a company logo imprinted on it is considered to be one of the best marketing strategies today. This can be carried everyday by a person to whom it is given to. In this case, this won’t only be seen by the owner but also by the several people whom they might encounter each day. This definitely makes it a great functional and promotional gift to clients.
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  1. Can Build Loyalty – Most of us, if not everyone, need something that we could use to store our important files, music and videos and a USB drive is the best solution for this. By using this as a giveaway to customers or clients, it will make them think and feel that they are important. Clients really like it if they feel that they are being valued by a company and if this happens, it can surely build loyalty. Who doesn’t want loyal customers right?


  1. Various Designs and Colours to Choose From – One of the best things of buying Promotional Swivel USB drives at saveonpromotions.com is that you’ll have a wide range of designs and colours to choose from. You can even mix and match so that your customers will be happier that they also have several designs and colours to choose from.


  1. High Quality Printing Tool – You might worry about your logo being imprinted in low quality definition. You don’t have to worry about that because with our high quality printing tool, we guarantee that your logo is imprinted on the USB drive in its best possible resolution.


With our Swivel USBs and state of the art branding capabilities, you can be assured that your Promotional USB driveswill look and feel stylish,classy and high quality. Visit saveonpromotions.com for more info.

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