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What is the Role of a Music in a Game

Adults, teenagers and children love games

If we remember our childhood we did not so many options to play. We usually play in the streets with our friends, cousins and neighbors. Certainly we were very happy. What about today? Children spend most of the time at home using notebooks, tablets, smartphones, video games, listening to music, and downloading software and apps, among many other technological activities. Let’s talk in this article about the technology in video games such as Playstation or Xbox, etc.

Parents role

This is a difficult decision for parents. What kind of games should your children play? There are violent games (war, fight, adventure, etc) and children love them. What kind of influence do these games have on children? Family is spending more time together playing video games but are these violent games recommended?

This is a polemic debate but parents should be aware to talk to their children about possible risks and they cannot use this violence in real life.

Educational games are essential so this technology may be useful for your children’s performance at school.

Physical activity – children have to practice physical activities but many times they prefer games (Kinetics) – this is a good technology but parents have to motivate children to go to a gym, practice sports such as swimming, or even cycling or walking, running, etc.

Kinds of games

Pokemon Go and PUBG APK both kind of game that people from all ages love but this is an app for smartphones. This game invites people to walk and look for Pokemons. Is this the game of the future?

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Video games offer a large variety of games such as sports, fight, spectator experience, transparent design, super heroes, race, and many others. We can see games full of action and they are well designed and rich in details. If you play Fifa (soccer game) you choose your favorite soccer team and you can see Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. It is amazing how this game is similar to reality. The technology involved is fabulous. You kick the ball, score goals, defend, attack, there are penalties, the referee has red and yellow cards so this is a game that all soccer fans love playing.

There are many other examples – basketball, volleyball, tennis, American football, etc. There are other kind of games as we can mention – super heroes – You can play Batman, Spider Man, Hulk and many other ones. Movies … they are successful if you consider video games – a great technology allows you to play Harry Potter, for example. These games are full of reality with excellent characters and you feel as you are in the movie killing your enemy or rescuing your loved one.

Online games

There are many platforms and you can play online or using your notebook and talk to users from different states or countries. These games are called multi player and you can choose what kind of game you prefer. What about playing chess with a person from an African country? It is possible today and the technology needs to be used adequately.

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