Ten Reasons Why You Should Track Your Dog with GPS Tracker Device

GPS Tracker Device

Dogs have a way of getting themselves into problem, even if we’re great careful! Here are 10 other motives why you must track your dog with GPS tracking system in India.

GPS Tracker Device

  1. Many dogs suffer from noise anxiety

About 40% of dogs enjoy a few form of noise tension which can motive them to bolt unexpectedly. Underneath these situations, they could get some distance right away and it can be hard to realize wherein to appearance without help. a dog GPS tracker lets in you to observe your dog in your Smartphone until they’re thoroughly returned on your custody.

  1. Every second counts when your dog is going lacking

In case you’re a puppy owner you recognize they find not possible methods of escaping. If it happens when you’re least expecting it, numerous hours or maybe days can pass before you understand what has happened. With a GPS tracker device, you’re notified within minute of a break out at which era you could take instant movement and avoid a tragic state of affairs. 

  1. You should be greater careful whilst touring along with your dog

Many families will take their dog (s) with them when traveling which presents many possibilities in your dog to break out in strange areas. A GPS monitoring tool serves as a protection degree for touring families with puppies. 

  1. Dogs will instinctively chase matters

Your dog might be very well behaved in most circumstances however if a squirrel, cat or other animal tempts their instincts, you can find they disappear inside seconds! you can by no means underestimate an animal’s instincts and it best takes one time to vanish. a dog tracker can help avoid hours and probably days of looking.

  1. Puppies are masters of digging and leaping
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Certain, a fence is a top notch concept and will paintings nine out of 10 instances but what occurs when your dog begins digging or realizes he can soar over that secured area? You discover yourself with a lacking animal. Make certain you have got safety in vicinity to understand if there may be a break out and a way to get better the escapee. 

  1. Site visitors and kids will go away the door open

It’s probably occurred to all puppy proprietors at one time or some other, even the maximum cautious ones. Keep away from the panic and be prepared for easy accidents.

  1. Dog-napping is a real opportunity

Studies shows approximately 10% of ‘lost animal’ cases are suggested as robbery and it’s at the upward push. As an instance, theft reports have risen 22% in two years in England and Wales. With pedigree puppies costing masses, if not lots, of bucks, it’s no marvel that a few dogs are stolen and bought at the reasonably-priced. It’s extraordinarily provoking but crucial for dog owners to be aware about the threat and to take all precautions viable.  

  1. Adjustments in pastime can imply contamination

The pod GPS tracker has a bonus feature of monitoring your dog’s pastime on a every day basis. it can take an owner an prolonged time frame to be aware a alternate in interest however the tracker will assist to flag those modifications at once permitting you to behave sooner.

  1. Followed puppies and rescue puppies can have an unknown past

Adopting a dog is both a heroic and profitable experience but can come with its challenges. it is hard to make sure of the dog’s history so conduct may be unpredictable with various sounds, commands and different stimuli triggering new reactions. Your dog will also be getting used to a brand new environment and a pod can supply the peace of thoughts understanding you could maintain a closer eye for your new pet.

  1. Elevating a dog is often an institution effort
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GPS tracking gives dog owners a device to make sure their doggies are being taken care of well while they can’t be there. The tracker allows dog walkers to file their stroll to share at a later time. it also gives the option to the neighbor or member of the family to test in your dog in case you pass traveling and go away your puppy with a person else.

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