The Best Recommendations for Surfing Holidays in the Canary Islands

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If you are an avid surfer, you probably already know that the Canary Islands are among the best European destinations for this activity. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, you will enjoy visiting this archipelago.

The Canaries officially belong to Spain, and they are situated in the Atlantic Ocean. The archipelago has seven major islands, as well as several islets.

The beautiful beaches, distinctive climate, and amazing nature make the islands attractive for surfers. Let’s take a look at the best destinations for surfing holidays in Lanzarote Islands.

Playa Famara, Lanzarote Island

Image This is Famara 5


Lanzarote Island is among the smallest in the archipelago, but they still offer a lot of variety. If you head east or south, you will find fantastic beaches for swimming, and towns for accommodation. On the other hand, if you want waves and wind, your desired direction is north and west where you will find many surfing locations and breathtaking cliffs.

Playa Famara is a great choice for beginner surfers. You can even find surf schools and camps there in case you need to learn the basics of this sport. As for the veterans, you can find several amazing left-hand breaks if you head toward San Juan.

La Santa, Lanzarote Island

Резултат слика за la santa lanzarote surfing


We are staying on the same island, but we are now moving to a more difficult surfing challenge expecting you at La Santa.

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The place was included in the World Surf League as it offers no less than four incredible breaks that the veterans will enjoy.

You will need a bit of practice before you head to La Santa, especially when it comes to entering the water.

However, it is without a doubt one of the best-surfing destinations on Lanzarote. While you are there, we suggest visiting the nearby fishing village.

La Izquierda, Tenerife

Резултат слика за tenerife la izquierda surfing


Tenerife is the largest islands of the Canaries archipelago, and it features several great locations for surfers. The top one is La Izquierda, which is situated on the south side of the Island within Playa de Las Americas Resort.

You can catch some truly long waves on La Izquierda. The beginners may also try their luck at this location since waves are often under three feet and rarely go up to ten. Please note you may find sharp rocks in some sections, so make sure to be careful.

Billboards, Tenerife



Our next destination in Tenerife is appropriate for surfers with vast experience. It is not only the fast breaks that are a problem but also rocks that are only partially submerged. You may have problems seeing them at points, which calls for maximum attention at all times. The biggest advantage of Billboards is that you will often catch long barrels, which makes them a location you will enjoy.

El Confital, Gran Canaria

Резултат слика за el confital gran canaria surfing


Gran Canaria is the third largest island in the archipelago. El Confital might be the only location on the island truly attractive for the surfers, but it has become one of the most tempting destinations in Europe for a reason.

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The crucial advantage of this place is that it offers consistent waves throughout most of the year. When the tide is high between September and May, the waves go up to fifteen feet.

Additionally, El Confital is close to Las Palmas, which is the capital of Gran Canaria. When you get tired of surfing, you can tour the city, sit in a bar to enjoy a 805 beer, and visit numerous historical landmarks.

El Hierro, Fuerteventura

Резултат слика за surfing el hierro fuerteventura


We are continuing our journey through the Canary Islands, and our next destination is Fuerteventura. The most tempting surfing spot here is known as El Hierro, which is on the northern side of the island. You will easily find it as Majanicho beach is nearby. Additionally, it is often crowded as plenty of surfers and tourists come to the destination.

The left-hand break is longer and, therefore, more popular, but you will also find great barrels at the right-hand break. They might be a little shorter, but the important thing is that they are consistent and you will enjoy them.

Due to the consistency of the waves and plenty of people, this place may remind of Australia and its most popular surfing locations. The island also offers the opportunity for kayaking, which is why we recommend equipping your vehicle with kayak roof racks. You will thank us after spending an amazing day in Fuerteventura!

Los Lobos, Fuerteventura

Резултат слика за surfing lobos fuerteventura


Los Lobos is officially not an island, but an islet. You can reach it via jet-ski or ferry from the northern side of Fuerteventura. The islet is uninhabited, and it is known for two things – a nature park protected by the authorities, and a surfing spot.

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Since it is a bit tricky to reach, you could assume it is not as crowded. It will depend on your luck as there are days when Lobos is quite busy and filled with surfers. The reasons are the incredibly long waves, as well as tubing portions. Surfers of all skill levels are welcome to try these amazing right-hand breaks but don’t forget to set aside an hour or two to walk around the beautiful island.

Punta Blanca, Fuerteventura

Beginner surfing in Fuertaventura’s Playa Blanca


Once you return to Fuerteventura, you can head to Punta Blanca. It is the perfect spot if you do not like crowds. Waves are available throughout the year, but keep in mind that rides may be a bit shorter than usual.

Thanks to the waves that are not so challenging, and the fact that the place doesn’t attract many surfers, Punta Blanca is ideal for beginners. It is, however, the most tempting spot in the archipelago for windsurfing, so make sure to watch out for those guys.

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The beauty of the Canary Islands for surfers is undeniable. Not only the archipelago offers numerous locations to test your skills, but you will find spots ideal for everyone from newbies to experienced wave riders. So, what are you waiting for, grab a scratch-off map and discover new places for fulfilling your adventures? Thousands have already enjoyed their surfing holidays here, which is another reason why you should book your trip and head to Spain soon!

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