The Best SEO Tools To Super Charge Your Search Rankings

Best SEO Tools

Search engine optimization is no longer surprise buzzwords in the web marketing landscape. Not a day passes without marketers discussing the latest SEO trends and their impact on search results. This concept has all the elements that drive conversions leave alone traffic. Even though it’s not a new concept, many marketers are yet to understand it to the core. If you want SEO techniques to work for your venture, observing the rules of the game is paramount. However, you cannot rely on the annual side of things to make it work. There are SEO tools that will help you turbo-up your rankings.

There are many SEO tools that a marketer will turn to drive up the performance of their site and ultimately the rankings. After you learn the basics, it doesn’t mean your work is done. Even if you are using the most refined and highly polished strategies, your SEO competitor rank tracker efforts are in vain if you have no traffic visiting your site.

Is Web Traffic Important?

The traffic you get will eventually read your content and discover the products and services you offer. If you have a significant number of traffic, you only need SEO to multiply the numbers and conversions as well. If your customer base isn’t growing, there is something you aren’t doing. It’s important that you know how to make the content on your site work for you. Killer and value packed content will help create the right impression for first time visitors and repeat clients too.

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Increasing Web Traffic

The traffic on you site won’t increase magically. There are tactics you can use to get more prospects on-board. From a SEO perspective, content, backlinks, referrals, influencers and the like will get you the numbers as long as you know how to go about it prudently. Whereas there are SEO strategies to use, the number of SEO tools that will help crank your rankings are abound. SEO tools will help you turbo-charge your search rankings, track and manage the huge traffic. You can leverage on their automation features to increase efficiency and site convenience.

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SEO Crawler

With the SEO crawler tool, you enjoy one shop stop solution if you are looking to boost your site’s visibility. It can monitor, audit and manage your ranking. It’s ideal for site owners who want to query backlinks and leverage the findings for the competitive analysis feature. The monitoring report will tell you how your site performs against the competition. This tool works with off and online tactics to provide a broad range of rank –based solutions.

Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker allows you to track your ranking based on particular keywords, you not only analyse your performance but your competitors too. It presents an array of plans with different features, add-ons and an affordable price tag. It comes with a free trial period that allows you to weigh it up and pay if it meets your needs.


SEMrush offers a range of search engine marketing services. It’s the perfect tool for site audit or keyword research. This tool offers features that help you come up with keywords that are a match for your site. This tool comes with accurate reporting and unending functionalities. It’s the multipurpose tool kit for every SEO marketer looking to rise beyond and above the competition.

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If you want to build a solid ranking strategy based on your competition, consider Ahrefs.  You get accurate reports on what the competition is doing, their rank building efforts and activities. It helps you to polish on your strategy and offers insight on how to beat them in their game. Regardless of your budget, Ahrefs has something for every marketer. You get to know on an all-out basis of what is working for your competitors, especially if they are ranking slots above your brand.


If you use pay-per-click ads, this tool will lead you to the popular keywords. It analyses what the competition is doing and how they are leveraging search marketing. You can discover the keywords that your competitors are ranking for in the past and in the present.

Screaming Frog

If your site ranking is below your desired point, your site could be having issues. By employing the screaming frog plugin, you are designating an SEO audit tool to check your SEO roadblocks that are holding your rank down. This tool will identify and report broken links, duplicate content and links, corrupted metadata and oversized images. You can use the reports to make changes and achieve a better ranking.

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