The big spring cleaning: on your marks, ready, go!

The big spring cleaning

The 4 essential tips for a successful spring cleaning! Revive your kitchen, living room and bathroom easily!

With the return of the beautiful days, you are probably already thinking of the traditional spring cleaning. If you fall under the weight of your obligations and this extra task stresses you, be serene and discover our tips.  Organization and determination will be your best allies to successfully complete this test! Progress at your own pace to complete all tasks before the summer season arrives.

The big spring cleaning

Ingenious and nice tips to facilitate the spring cleaning!

Before you start, take the time to properly assess the scope of the task, then prepare the equipment you need. Also discover some recommendations that will help you move quickly to achieve your goals on time.

1- The materials, it is necessary to check if you have all the material necessary for the big cleaning: sponges, rags, gloves, mops, vacuum cleaners and garbage bags must be ready.

2- The date that suits you to achieve your spring cleaning. Once set, the date should not be postponed! Indeed, it is not uncommon that one is tempted by a more playful and less restrictive activity.

3- Timing set a strict schedule for each part of the house and whatever the unexpected, it is necessary to stick to it so that the day is well filled and that the cleaning is done in all the rooms.

4- Locate the useless and bulky objects that you can throw or give away: collect them quickly in boxes or trash bags and set them aside.

5- Classify the utensils and clothes that have been used during the winter and that occupy a lot of space in your closets.

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6- Prepare a rhythmic playlist that you can play all day long. Indeed, music is a positive source of motivation that will help you work in a good mood.

7-Ask for help, you can ask the whole family to get their hands dirty. If you live as a couple or alone, do not hesitate to call on friends who can free themselves to give you a hand. Of course, there is no point in remembering that you must get rid of all garbage that could damage your reputation before they arrive.

Stow and clean your kitchen with easy-to-find products!

If you want to do a great job in your kitchen, we recommend that you do not do things in half: leave nothing to chance and make sure that all dirty surfaces have been scrubbed. Here are some easy tips  to remember and achieve to clean your kitchen, despite all you will need a good amount of elbow grease  to achieve this series of cleaning rather time consuming.

1- Open all your closets and get rid of all containers and containers that no longer serve you and occupy space. No need to keep dozens of boxes and jars on the pretext that they can still is useful. Throw away the utensils that have died and need to be replaced. You will feel great satisfaction when you see the harmony that will reign in your closets!

2- Clean your fridge in a slow motion with a sponge, water and baking soda. Insist on the parts stained by blood, sauce or oil. Leave on for 15 minutes, then iron the sponge soaked in water to rinse all surfaces thoroughly. If the bad smells are stubborn, put a small container with coffee grounds inside or a lemon cut in four. Eliminate mold by disinfecting your refrigerator with a mixture of water, a little white vinegar and coarse salt. Use a sponge dipped in this mixture to rub the surfaces where the mold has grown. Leave on for 15 minutes before rinsing with cold water.

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3- Clean your induction hobs or your vitroceramic hobs, avoid abrasive products. If you want to use baking soda to remove the stains, make a paste by adding a little water: place this paste on the surface to be cleaned and take a scraper sponge to rub: if it mixes water-bicarbonate s is dissolved and the stain is still there, repeat the operation as many times as necessary. You can also use half a lemon to scrub the surface, then wipe a sponge with water and finish with a cloth to dry it.

4- Clean the oven; use an abrasive sponge and soap. To get rid of traces of burnt and oily fouling, prepare a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda. This very effective formula has a tendency to lather, but it is harmless. Apply there on surfaces to be cleaned, leave on for 15 to 30 minutes before rubbing and rinsing thoroughly with cold water.

Go to the main rooms of your house!

Cleaning should continue in the main rooms of your home to ensure the well-being of your family who spend a lot of time there. Discover the different steps that will help you to manage the storage of your room and your stay.

1- Vacuum to remove dust and loose particles in all rooms. Do not hesitate to lift carpets and furniture to clean all dusty layers that can slip into it.

2- Sanit your mattress by sprinkling with baking soda waits 15 to 30 minutes before vacuuming. You can also do the same to effectively disinfect your fabric sofas and carpet. For leather sofas, clean them with a damp sponge or microfiber. When the surface has dried well, clean with colorless wax or lemon (rub the entire surface).

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3- Clean the floor tiles use a non-abrasive product such as dish washing liquid to clean it. Make a mixture of white vinegar and baking soda to brush the dirtiest parts with a quack brush. If you have parquet, the maintenance varies depending on the essence and treatments performed at the time of installation (waxed parquet, oiled parquet, etc.). If your home is carpeted, use a vacuum cleaner to clean it effectively.

4- Clean your toilets for a successful spring cleaning. To sanitize the bowl, pour boiling potato water into it, wait an hour before flushing. If this  trick does not work and if your toilets have yellowish traces or traces of rust, consider buying a product declare and disinfectant in the trade and the trick will be played! If your toilets are clogged, before you buy an unblocked, attach an empty plastic bottle to a tube that is both hard and flexible to clear the clogged hose.

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