The Journey to Inner Peace

The Journey to Inner Peace

What you hear all around is just noise! That noise suppresses the noise that always remains in our subconscious and keeps guiding us throughout our life. However, unlike the noise which is outside that noise is more like the music for the soul. It is where we attain inner peace.

In the outer world, we have so many engagements- our mobile, TV, laptop, iPad, desktop etc which always keep our mind as well as body occupied. These things are known as external distractions. We may attain temporary pleasures in their company but in long term we take away nothing but unending restlessness and tiredness. If you want to be tranquil internally, you need to connect to your inner self which will help you in defining the true purpose in life.

The Journey to Inner Peace

All through the journey of our life, we keep running behind our desires and try to fulfil them in vain. Our desires are never ending trap like a web that keep us entangled for the whole life. there are very a few maestros who have been able to free themselves from the bounds of desires and have attained their purpose in life.

Let us learn some of the easiest ways of attaining inner peace in life:

  1. Accept what you cannot change simply:

In life we come across various such situations where we think that things are simply not the way they should be! We try to change them and set our behaviours on the basis of the outcomes. When we succeed in bringing about the desired change, we become happy, while at the same time- when we see that the things are not going as planned, we tend to become irritated or angered.

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Change the feelings of anger with acceptance. After putting in efforts in trying to change certain things in life, just leave it to the situations. Believe in the power of karma and trust that the right things happen at the right time!

Do not let these things alter your journey to inner peace to a great extent. Whatever situations that you go through in life, make sure that the path always stays cleared!

  1. Be kind:

Being kind is good for the society at large but what effect does it have on our own inner self?

Let us understand with example.

On a hot summer afternoon, you notice the sweeper on the road trying so much to meet his objective. The thoughts just cross your mind that what is persuading him to take up a job that involves so much hard work- his need of supporting his family or may be some other cause that he earnestly needs to address. No one works so hard just to spend it in personal leisure.

Will you go out and talk to him and try to help? Or at least give him some relief by offering a glass of chilled soft drink? You have the choice to ignore just like everyone else. But if you move forward and decide to help him out- can you imagine you are doing a big favour not only to him but to your own self. If you will help the person in any possible way, you will realise that your shoulders have shrugged off a big heavy weight of guilt! You realise the purpose in life which is nothing but to make the world a better place to understand the clauses of existence. These clauses are everywhere still we cannot find them due to negligence. The purpose in life is to attain that wisdom and inner peace, which is possible only through kindness and awareness.

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