The Magic of Meditation

The Magic of Meditation

Although the practice of meditation is in implementation since centuries yet we find many people trying to indulge in meditation in modern times too. The credit can be given to the extremely pressurized lifestyle that we lead in the modern times. There is pressure from every dimension whether it is personal life, social life or professional life. One cannot meet all the expectations and therefore, stress takes a toll.

The Magic of Meditation

As it is widely known that meditation can be a great medium of bursting the stress and leading a more focussed and harmonious life, people tend to incline towards meditation.

For those who have already taken a dip in the peaceful ocean of meditation, the journey must have been full of mindful and magical experiences that they have attained. The reflection of inner self and attainment of peace are the aims that make the meditation magical and life changing practice.

For the beginners who are still pondering upon finding the solutions of their day to day troubles and looking up to meditation as a novice- this article will help in clearing their doubts.

What is meditation? How does meditation help in relieving tension?

Meditation is the practice of bringing your mind and body in alignment. You need to sit in a quiet place and bring all your thoughts to one point avoiding every other sound, thought and actions that happen around you.

When one learns to do this practice, then only one can get to realise the benefits of meditation. However it takes a lot of efforts to achieve excellence. We can start from 5 minutes a day to extending it to longer duration’s gradually.

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One finds it difficult to begin with but later the practice comes in habit easily.

With improved abilities of focusing and enhanced breathing exercises one attains stillness in thoughts. The random, haphazard thoughts get cleared out. It helps a person in being able to attain clarity of mind about what they want from a particular given situation.

People find it easier to complete their ever pending tasks as their mind becomes more focussed towards the work at hand without having to worry about every other pending issue at that time. It saves their time, energy and state of mind from getting into stress.

One more benefit that we acquire from meditation is our “physical health”. When we practice meditation we sit straight upright and practice voluminous inhale and exhale. Thus not only our posture gets corrected in fact our lungs are able to completely intake and release the air which in itself gives us relief from various ailments especially common cold and lack of immunity.

When people find themselves being able to manage their time and work peacefully, they carry happiness in their heart and stay rejuvenated most of the times.

With improved abilities to focus, meditation also helps in regularizing the sleep patterns.

In one way it will not be wrong to say that practicing meditation brings you closer to your soul. Therefore one cannot deny that meditation can weave magic with practice and constant efforts.

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