The need to improve the state of school education in India

A school is the foundation pillar of every society. Education plays a catalyst part in shaping the society and the conduct of society members. Special importance has been given to education in every civilization. India that is a home to two of the oldest universities of the world that were Nalanda and Taxilla has laid a special importance for obtaining the appropriate education from ancient times. Moreover, India was the learning centre of the world in that period. People from all over the world used to visit India to gain education. The state of education in India was the best in the world for a very long time. However, over the last few centuries, India saw a period of political turmoil that heavily influenced its education system and quality. At present, India is struggling to maintain good standards of education.

Education in India is having a very diverse state. At one place there are millions of people living at remote villages not having a school in their area. On the other hand, there are schools providing international education with world class facilities. But there are a handful of such schools in India. The statistics reveal that the number of schools is less than the desired numbers.

The situation is not ideal for a growing economy like India. India is dependent on the service sector to boost its economic growth. The service sector is totally depended on the quality of skilled people that are available as labor force. The state of education is not healthy for a service sector depended country. The human resource in India is not getting adequate schooling opportunities to enhance their skills and knowledge.

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The government is making constant efforts since independence to make the situation more favorable. As a result, the Indian literacy levels grew significantly. The efforts are still insufficient for a country, where the population growth is happening at a massive rate. Although, the government is making efforts, but the desired results would not be achieved until common people take initiative for the cause.

The arrival of private entities in the school education sector has helped the country to increase its literacy levels. Many private industrialist, trusts and organizations came forward to open a school. Such initiative from these people helped to improve the state of education in India. Therefore, we can conclude that private sector should take more active part to increase the number of schools in India.

There are many people who want to open a school in India but find it difficult to complete the process. For such people, it is advisable to take a franchise for school from a reputed and experienced organization. So many people follow this model and take franchise for high school where only primary schools were conducted.

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