The Ultimate Guide Towards Planning An Adventurous Hen Do!

The Ultimate Guide Towards Planning An Adventurous Hen Do!

Is your best friend getting married any time soon? If she is and you are the bridesmaid, then it’s time to pull up your socks and start preparing for her big day.

But, before you start prepping for her big day, make sure that she enjoys her last few days of singlehood. Plan a hen do which helps keep her mind off of any last minute wedding jitters, whilst ticking off some of the tasks from her bucket list too.

If you and your girl gang love to go on adventurous trips then take the initiative to make all of the arrangements well in advance. Short-list all activities that you intend to participate in so that you can prepare a proper itinerary for your trip.

Simultaneously, you have to be mindful of basic aspects about planning a  successful hen do and they are discussed below:

Duration of your trip

Every bridesmaid would plan a different kind of Hen’s do trip for their best friend based on their likes and dislikes. For instance, if all of you prefer to go on a vacation you could plan a week or 10-day long trip.

On the other hand, if you intend to have an adventurous trip you could go for a day or weekend trip so that you can enjoy the adrenaline rush. Ask the bride to be well in advance about her free dates and plan your trip accordingly.

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This way, you will have sufficient time to make arrangements, invite people for the trip and plan it just the way she would like it!

Budget Constraints

Budget is often one of the prominent factors when planning any trip. In order to stay within your budget and make the most of your financial resources you should carry out in-depth research.

Research on the spots you intend to visit, accommodation alternatives and the travelling expenses involved in the trip. During a hen’s trip, the bridesmaid is likely to take up the financial responsibility to make it a point to evaluate all possible options available to you.

For instance, if your friend wishes for a one-day adventure trip then look for event companies that offer you the maximum amount of thrill throughout the day. You can look for a spot that offers you kit karts, show cars, batak walls, racing bathtubs and pit stop challenges.

Well, there may be many guests who are not aware of these activities but you can always ask the experts at the event company to guide you through the process. For example, you can simply find out more about pit stop challenge by asking relevant event management companies.

Your guests need not specifically have prior experience about the activity or have specific skills to be a part of the team.

Choose the right location

While researching suitable spots for your friend’s Hen Do, you might come across various cost-effective options. However, that particular location might be extremely far away and travelling to that particular destination can be time-consuming, as well as expensive.

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Instead, choose a company which offers services at various locations around the country. This way, you get an opportunity to choose a nearby destination which fits well in your budget and simultaneously have a short road trip.

Be clear about your theme

If your friend has already shared information about what she wants for her hen do then perhaps you will have a clear idea about a specific theme she wants. On the other hand, if you are clueless about how to shortlist a particular theme then you can choose a spot which is a mixed bag.

For instance, get in touch with an event company as they can suggest you a location where you get to feel the thrill, spend time with each other, experience something new compared to conventional clichéd hen dos.

During the research process

Research is one common aspect throughout the planning process. Apart from being the common aspect, it is also the most important aspect. During the process, you have to consider your guest’s preferences, their meals, their stay and the photo shoot going to be held on that day as well.

Simultaneously, you also have to ensure that the place you have selected offers you customised services based on your specific requirements. This way, you can make your friend feel special all throughout her hen do.

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