Things you should know before getting your teeth whitened

Things you should know before getting your teeth whitened

In today’s time of cutthroat competition, having a million dollar smile can make it easier for you to win accolades. Looking attractive can add glory to your list of desired goals and achievements.

What is essentially required is to maintain the beauty from time to time. Youngsters today are obsessed with a set of glowing white teeth.

In a survey conducted by the New York Magazine, it was revealed that about 39% are willing to give up desserts to maintain the quality of their teeth.

 Whiter teeth make you feel good about yourself and are known to boost the self-esteem. Whether it is about dating your new boyfriend or going for a job interview, if you give a shining white smile to the person, he is automatically blown over you.

So, what are you waiting for? Call your dentist for teeth whitening and book for an appointment.

But before doing that, it is better if you know about certain things about teeth whitening.

What is tooth-whitening and what is it used for?

Tooth whitening helps brighten your teeth and remove unnecessary stains and discoloration. It has become the most popular cosmetic dental procedure as it can greatly improve the quality of your teeth. It makes your teeth stronger, healthier and beautiful over time.

Most dentists perform tooth whitening. Once you visit the dentist for a teeth whitening procedure, you automatically become conscious about your teeth and device ways to maintain its quality from time to time.

A tooth has an outer layer called enamel. Upon reflecting and scattering of the light off the enamel, the color of the white teeth is created. The genes affect the thickness and smoothness of the enamel.More color of the dentin is seen through a thinner enamel.

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The reflection of light and color is affected due to the smoothness and roughness of the enamel. A thin coating pellicle forms stains on the enamel.  It also contains pores that hold the stains.

There are many common causes for teeth to get yellow or stained over a period of time.

Consumption of dark-colored liquid such as cola, coffee or tea and smoking are the common reasons for the stain.

Aging is also one of the factors for less brightness of the teeth as the enamel gets thinner and the dentin becomes darker.

Teeth whitening is not an one-time procedure. One needs to visit the dentist for teeth whitening from time to time to maintain the quality of the teeth.

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Why will you choose a dentist over home-based remedies for whitening teeth?

Many people consider to use home-based remedies from the internet to whiten their teeth. By doing so, you may save money but it won’t guarantee the kind of quality and safety ensured by a dentist.

If you only think that your teeth and gums are in excellent place, consider whitening at home; otherwise get into the habit of calling your dentist.

The dentist meticulously supervises the task of whitening teeth. Not only does he carry the expertise in the dental problem, but also possesses all the materials required for whitening.

For instance, a light or heat source may be used to speed up the process. A useful advice is that Instead of spending money in buying all the whitening materials, going to the dentist is a more sound and economical solution to your dental problem.

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The teeth whitening dentist cost may vary from clinic to clinic depending upon the personal fee charged by the dentist.

There are a number of teeth whitening products in the market. If you plan to do the whitening by yourself at home, consider buying the teeth whitening kit all at once, which is cost-friendly and is packaged well.Consult your dentist prior to buying the teeth whitening products.

Common teeth whitening products include the whitening toothpaste, personal teeth whitening device, teeth whitening pen, 3D white luxe white strips and gum powder among others.

Types of teeth whitening procedures

There are only two types of teeth whitening procedures, practiced by dentists!

One is the vital whitening and the other is the non-vital whitening.

Vital whitening is performed on teeth with live nerves.

Non-vital whitening is performed on tooth with root canal treatment that no longer has a live nerve.

In vital whitening, a gel is applied directly on the tooth surface. A specialized gel or laser is used for  activating the gel which allows bleaching to happen faster.

It is usually advised to consult the dentist for teeth whitening, especially for vital teeth whitening, as the process is arduous to try at home and also the dentist uses a specialized teeth whitening laser light to whiten the teeth.

The process usually takes around 30 to 90 minutes.

 If the tooth has undergone root canal treatment, then vital whitening is not functional. Instead, non-vital whitening is used because the stain comes from inside the tooth. To remove the stains from inside the tooth, a dentist is required. He will carefully examine the teeth and will put a temporary filling over the whitening agent inside the teeth.

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Whitening at once is not the permanent solution to your teeth problem. If you want to keep the longevity of attractive white teeth, then you have to follow a strict norm. Smoking or drinking dark colored liquid should be banned. Consult a skilled person for more such advice and avoid doing it at home because the exercise comes with its set of risks.

Whitening products are easy to purchase but difficult to apply, especially if you intend to do it all by yourself. Standing in front of the mirror to whiten the interiors of the teeth can be quite a task. So, a dentist is recommended as he skillfully removes all the stains without any pain. Eventually going to the doctor saves time and money and you get to establish lifelong relationship with him.

Look attractive while you dawn that smile because its precious. Do not stain it. Instead, whiten it to color your life. Also, there is no need to fear the dentist and consider him/her as a friend who will make you smile a lot more than before.

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