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Indeed in this brick-and-mortar world of sports, there are different legends in each and every filed, where the top quality players do their level best to surmount like a leopard. As far as making the latest sports news are concerned, then they all hold great set of skills.

latest sports news

When it comes to Europe, Cricket is not a major king of sports news update. Still in the nations near to England, this sport holds a fantastic value to cheer with. One of the greatest ever in this sport is Rahul Dravid. The Wall is the nickname of this Indian batsman.  Dravid was born in the year 1973. Before playing his first international match on April 3, 1996 – the 45-year-old had scored tons of runs in the domestic cricket.

During his 16 years of playing career, the top-order batsman created Sports news and headlines better than most. In 344 ODIs, he contributed 10889 runs. On the other hand, added 13228 in Test cricket after playing 164 matches, in which he created current sports news like a beast.

Dravid’s body language on the pitch was a portrait of a true gentleman. He would never say any unethical words. If somebody tried to make him uncomfortable with the words. Still, Rahul would play with the same focus to achieve his goals. Nowadays in Test cricket, there are not many left to take 200 to 300 balls. However, Dravid was that one.

While in the five-day game format, the legend from Karnataka had scored 36 centuries and had created the latest sports news at the same time before saying goodbye to the world of international cricket.

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People called that Dravid is not a good limited overs player. Nevertheless, more than 10,000 runs in ODIs made it clear to the most that sports news update in fast-playing format is not all about going like a firing cannon.

In cricket, Dravid is a great batsman. On the other fence in the world of football, Roy Keane is one of the best captain and player of all time. As per many Man United fans, Roy Keane was the biggest sports news and headlines creator. During his era at United, Man United won seven Premier League titles.

Because of his angry nature, most of the media portals loved to make the current sports news around him as they that he could attract the fans with his loud voice. On and off the pitch, the Irish international was the same person.

When the players felt somewhat down, Roy tried to pound every blade of grass to be the king of football.

Even now as an assistant Irish coach, the 47-year-old holds a loud voice in order to get best out of each and every player.

For a manager or head coach, a player like him is dream/nightmare, as the personality like him can make the latest sports news in a good or bad way.

For Sir Alex Ferguson, Roy was a great footballer to help him winning his first Champions League silverware. Before going to the final match, it was his contribution that made the sports news update making the ears of Sir Alex far than happy. In terms of producing sports news and headlines, Rahul and Roy are completely different persons. Regardless of that, both are the legends of their game.

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Directly or indirectly, the current sports news is still following them. It clearly indicates the value of great stars.

As per football pundits, “Keane’s best performance” came while facing Juventus in his Champions League winning venture. There he tackled Zinedine Zidane better than one could ever think.

Even the three-time Champions League winner with Real, as a manager, would remember that day when the holding midfielder from Ireland was just too good to handle with.

Indeed with that contribution, Keane would remain the attraction of the latest sports news and current news update.

Unfortunately with Sir Alex Ferguson, his relationship is not cordial now. Both of them achieved great things together. However for a Man United fan, Roy and Sir Alex hold the same place of comfort.

Other than Rahul and Keane, to understand the greatness of different individuals, one can always see the game of field hockey, not a famous game worldwide. In India and some parts of the world, this brick-and-mortar game is a great way of pastimes, which is not creating the current sports news like the past.

India got the independence from the United Kingdom in 1947 and without any stipulation, started to make many sports news and headlines on the surface of field hockey. Sadly nowadays, people have forgotten the legends of this game. Still, the aroma of Udham Singh Kuler remained the same in Punjab and Sansarpur.

Udham Singh is the only person with Leslie Claudius to win four medals at the Olympics as far as field hockey is concerned.

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After doing that great, not many sports followers in India know that Udham Singh had earned that many medals before saying goodbye to this life.

From 1950 to 1960, the Sansarpuri boy was the leading latest sports newsmaker in the country. And as per the followers of this game, he is a true example of unselfishness.

If you are an attacking player, then you would love to score a goal and make the latest sports news.

This one thing could tell everyone that scoring goals are not the only way to make the current sports update. With the approach of assisting also, one can achieve anything possible.

While his living days, Udham used to say to his family members that after doing that great for India, nobody would feel that he deserved to get the Padma Vibhushan.

In India other than cricket, sometimes people miss cheering the contribution of others. Udham is one such story in this county. As there are many sports-persons in Asia and around the world to not get the best appreciation.

Rahul, Roy and Udham are three different characters, but all of them hold the same figure of greatness.

How many of you know about Udham Singh?

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