Tips for Choosing a Good Device for Making Pasta At Home

If you are tired of having pasta at the restaurants and decided to make pasta at home but don’t have a pasta maker, well, you need to buy one soon. With pasta makers prices starting from over $100, buying a pretty basic pasta maker can be a big investment for some of us. Below are few tips to help you choose a great pasta maker for your kitchen without breaking the bank:


When you shop for a pasta machine, you will find that there come in two types, a manual pasta maker, and an electric-powered pasta maker. Most of the pasta makers on the market are manual or hand-crank models that have an attachment mechanism to mount in on your kitchen table or counter. The crank arm is inserted into a socket on the side of the machine and has to be turned by hand to make the rollers turn the pasta dough into various pasta shapes and sizes. In the electric model, the same thing is done by an electric motor. Manual model is cheaper than electric models, but they aren’t suitable for restaurants and diners, where you to make pasta for a lot of people.

Construction Material

Whether you decided to buy a manual or an electric pasta maker, choose a model that is made from stainless steel. Though these models might be pricier that cheaper models with plastic parts or chrome plated metal, the stainless steel models are durable and don’t rust. Besides, it’s easier to clean and blends with the interior of your kitchen.

Additional Attachments and Options

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Buy a pasta machine that can be upgraded with additional accessories that can use to cut the dough into different sizes and shapes of pasta. Most models ship with two discs, but for future proofing your pasta maker buy a model that has 6 or more discs. This will enable you to make a wide array of pasta like regular spaghetti, thin spaghetti, ravioli, macaroni, etc.


Pasta makers vary in prices depending on their features; build quality and country of origin. Typically brands originated from Italy are expensive that from other countries.  Usually, manual pasta makers cost less than electric versions. The price of a pasta machine also depends on basic features such as bowl size. Models that have larger bowls are prices more that the ones with smaller ones. Manual pasta makers are ideal for home use. Most hand-crank pasta makers on the market start from $25 to $150, while the electric pasta makers start from $400.

Warranties and Safety Standards

Always purchase a pasta maker that has at least a one-year warranty and best safety features.

Good Feedbacks and Reviews

Always consider buying a pasta maker that has favorable reviews and feedback in websites and magazines from consumers around the world. Research and read reviews, forums and comments on the internet about the pasta maker you liked before you buy it. Also, ask your friends to recommend you a pasta maker if they were already using one. After all, it’s pointless in investing in an appliance that won’t be fully utilized or breaks down after a few months.

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